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Supreme Court Keeps Part of Trump Travel Ban

Supreme Court Keeps Part of Trump Travel Ban
By Daniel Greenfield

Some people will be inclined to celebrate it. The left will be gnashing its teeth and foaming from every orifice. And that’s often enough for the right. But it’s still a troubling development.

Remember, President Trump was exercising an unambiguous power over which there had been no prior debate. The interventions by various Federal courts were unprecedented abuses of power of varying scale. And now everything depends on expecting Justice Kennedy to follow the law instead of social justice. When in his case, there’s been ample evidence that he’s more inclined to go with social trends.

So far we have Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch expressing a willingness to let the president exercise the powers of his office. But instead the Court split the difference. The order to uphold the ban for everyone except those with a local relationship is basically an open door for more endless lawsuits, on a case by case basis, and at the mercy of the ongoing judicial coup, until a decision is reached.

As usual, with “compromises”, those who are allowed in because they can claim some sort of local connection, have an open door. Those who might be blocked have endless pretexts for finding a way in.

The compromise thus invariably favors the left.

The order is shaky. “Denying entry to such a foreign national does not burden any American party by reason of that party’s relationship with the foreign national.”

But the pro-terror and pro-migrant lobbies had been arguing that there were larger net benefits. Hawaii gained from tourism,for example. That argument opened the door to essentially turning immigration into a right.

So now the rush will be to jam the system with “relationship” claims. Lefties will eagerly line up to marry Syrians. Non-profits will offer “jobs”. Immigration fraud will become mainstream. And will be licensed by Federal judges who will crack down on efforts to stop it. And the whole effort by the lawless left will go right back to the Supreme Court.

The President’s authority, the authority of Congress, and the right of the people to govern themselves cannot be allowed to depend on one or two Supreme Court justices. That’s the broken system we have and the sooner that changes, the better.

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