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Stealing From Holocaust Survivors to Support BLM

Stealing From Holocaust Survivors to Support BLM
Why is aid for Holocaust survivors being used to promote an antisemitic hate group?
By Daniel Greenfield

The Auschwitz Institute for the Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities hails the antisemitic hate group Black Lives Matter and falsely claims that America is guilty of ongoing “mass atrocities” against black people by a “racist society”.

That’s despite the fact that Black Lives Matter is an antisemitic hate group which not only denounces the Jewish State, but whose riots were associated with attacks on synagogues.

It would be easy to mistake the institute bearing the name of the infamous Polish concentration camp where over 1 million Jews were murdered for a Holocaust memorial organization.

It’s not. What it is is a lot more troubling.

Despite its Manhattan address, the Auschwitz Institute was actually set up in Poland and “approved” by the state museum which operates under the auspices of the Polish government.

Supporters include the Ford Foundation, which has a history of funding anti-Israel movements along with Black Lives Matter, the French and German foreign offices, the Dutch government, the United States Institute of Peace and the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.

The Conference was set up to provide reparations by Germany to Holocaust survivors. It’s supposed to help survivors and yet it’s listed as a donor to a political organization that supports an antisemitic and racist movement that slurs the nation which ended the Holocaust.

The latest available tax documents show $10,000 provided by the Claims Conference to the Auschwitz Institute, alongside funding from the Australian, Irish and United States governments.

The Auschwitz Institute’s staff is notable for being largely non-Jewish, but does include Duaa Randhawa, a program officer for online education, who is a veteran of the violently antisemitic Council on American-Islamic Relations: whose associates have supported the murder of Jews.

Some have even praised Hitler and called for another Holocaust.

Dina Bailey, the head of U.S. programs for the Institute, is an African-American diversity trainer.

The Auschwitz Institute has employed, coordinated and cited materials from George Soros’ Open Society networks. Soros had collaborated in the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, has blamed Jews for antisemitism and funded antisemitic activities since then.

And while the Auschwitz Institute takes no particular anti-Israel position, nor is it particularly concerned with the threatened genocide aimed at a nation with millions of Jews.

The troubling hijacking of the Holocaust to promote Black Lives Matter, issue ‘land acknowledgements’ and other woke virtue signaling is all too typical of the appropriation of the Holocaust for leftist causes.

Holocaust museums have been clearing out exhibits about the mass murder of Jews to make way for Black Lives Matter propaganda.

The Holocaust Museum of Houston promotes Ibram X. Kendi’s “How To Be An Antiracist” and “When They Call You a Terrorist: A Black Lives Matter Memoir” by Patrisse Kahn-Cullor. The Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida triggered a massive backlash with its George Floyd exhibit. But the Auschwitz Institute is a particularly graphic example of not only a growing trend of woke Holocaust exploitation, but also Holocaust expropriation.

The Claims Conference acts as the official trustee for Holocaust victims, claiming and negotiating over property and compensation in their name, and then dispensing it. These funds are supposed to be allocated to organizations that provide support for survivors.

It’s difficult to see how the Auschwitz Institute fits that criteria.

The Auschwitz Institute actually represents the troubling intersection of Holocaust universalization and state-sponsored wokeness. The role of foreign governments, including some of those involved in perpetrating the Holocaust, which now support an institute that smears the country that ended the Holocaust, is obscene. Especially when that institution also appears to be funded with money that was meant to be used to help Holocaust survivors.

The transformation of the Holocaust from history to metaphor has been a convenient way of moving past the inconvenient facts and to the convenient narratives in which international organizations and multilateralism are the solution to preventing future genocides, even though they not only failed to prevent the Holocaust, but any actual future genocides whatsoever.

International organizations have instead become the enablers of genocide, impotent in the face of actual atrocities, but all too willing to accuse America, Israel and other free countries of war crimes. The metaphorical alchemy that turned the victims and liberators of the Holocaust into the perpetrators has also relieved the activists from having to address actual antisemitism.

It is no coincidence that the multilateral organizations that promised to prevent another Holocaust have instead become some of the loudest enablers of Islamic terrorists, of Hamas, the PLO and Iran, of those who admire Hitler and boast of wanting to finish his work.

A few years ago, the Government Affairs Coordinator of Minnesota’s CAIR chapter allegedly posted, “i wish hitler was alive to f*** up the jewish ppl and add more jewish causalities to the 6 million he killed in the holocaust.” It was one of multiple antisemitic and genocidal views put forward by figures associated with CAIR.

A CAIR employee in St. Louis had tweeted, “#crimesworthyoftherope being a Jew” and “I just want to spit in their faces. All of them any Jew Israeli I come across I hate them all.”

CAIR’s Arizona Outreach Coordinator had tweeted in the past, “All of the Palestinians are wondering why hitler didnt finish the job. Still my hero though.” A CAIR intern tweeted that Israel, “will become the Jews’ grave.”

And now a former CAIR figure can work for the Auschwitz Institute.

There is something fundamentally wrong with this picture. And it begins with the detachment of the Holocaust from the Jews. And the complicity of Jewish liberals in this narrative. Much like the detachment of Jewish history from Israel, it enables a worldview that justifies genocide.

All over again.

And that is also how money intended for Holocaust survivors can be used to fund activities involving an organization that promotes an antisemitic hate group whose rioters vandalized synagogues.

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