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Statement Concerning President Obama’s Decision to Abstain from Vetoing the Latest Anti-Israel Resolution in the United Nations Security Council

Statement Concerning President Obama’s Decision to Abstain from Vetoing the Latest Anti-Israel Resolution in the United Nations Security Council
By Dr. David Reagan
Jews in Prophecy

The President’s decision was shameful, reckless, spiteful, and dangerous.

It was shameful because it represented a betrayal of our nation’s best friend and ally.

It was reckless because it serves to encourage Palestinian intransigence and terrorism.

It is spiteful because it treats the only democracy in the Middle East as if it were a third rate banana republic.

It is exceedingly dangerous for our own nation because Israel is “the apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8), and we have poked our finger in that eye. Further, the Word of God specifically warns that those who try to divide the land of Israel in the end times will be subjected to God’s wrath (Joel 3:2). Accordingly, we should expect to experience either a major terrorist attack or a serious natural calamity, or both.

Let us pray that President Trump will decide to take immediate action to counter this insane action on the part of our government. There are a number of things he could do in addition to denouncing the decision, which he has already done. For example, he could move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, invite Netanyahu to the White House and reaffirm our commitment to Israel, cut off all funding to the Palestinians, defund the United Nations in whole or in part, and sponsor a bipartisan Congressional resolution stating that the UN resolution is not United States policy. He has already appointed a new ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, who is an Orthodox Jew and a strong supporter of the biblical and legal right of the Jews to the land.

The United Nations has gone mad. In the midst of overwhelming problems like the Syrian civil war, the belligerency of Iran, the insanity of North Korea, the increasing aggressiveness of Russia, and the rampage of ISIS, the member nations of the UN are focused on condemning Israel for building houses and apartment buildings in territory given to the Jewish people eternally by God. It is an example of anti-Semitism gone to seed.

Further, as Prime Minister Netanyahu has pointed out, it is an exercise in ethnic-cleansing. There are 1.7 million Arabs living within Israel, but this resolution says no Jew has the right to live in “Palestinian territory.” This is hypocrisy gone to seed.

There is a positive spiritual significance to the President’s decision in that it is a significant step toward the fulfillment of the last end time, pre-Tribulation prophecy concerning Israel — namely, that all the nations of the world will come together against Israel over the issue of Jerusalem (Zechariah 12:2-3). And thus, this decision is a strong indicator of how close we are to the consummation of the age.

We are literally on the threshold of the Tribulation. And that, in turn, means the Rapture could occur any moment. Maranatha!

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