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State That Never Had Slaves Wants $569B in Slavery Reparations

State That Never Had Slaves Wants $569B in Slavery Reparations
Asians, who were the most discriminated against, will foot the bill
By Daniel Greenfield

Why not just call it a $569 billion payoff to the Democrat voting base? From “student loan forgiveness” to San Francisco’s “guaranteed income” for the 72 genders to all the environmental consulting gigs, isn’t that what 90% of the political program of Democrat officials now comes down to?

A California task force studying the long-term effects of slavery and systemic racism on black residents in the state has estimated a whopping $569 billion in reparations is owed to the descendants of enslaved people, according to a report.

California never had slavery. So they’re defaulting to…

The nine-member panel concluded that black Californians whose ancestors were in the US in the 19th century are due $223,200 each due to housing discrimination practices utilized from 1933 to 1977, the New York Times reported.

Somehow we’ve gone from slavery to housing discrimination during the 1930s. Historically, California discriminated against Asians more than anyone else. And yet as a high-income group, they’re going to be stuck with much of the bill. As will Latinos. For that matter the majority of California residents were never even here back then, either they or their ancestors, yet they’re stuck with a $569 billion bill.

“We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,” Jovan Scott Lewis, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, who is one of the nine members, told the Times.

Is Jovan expecting to get $223,200? Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Meanwhile, this is going on.

The infant son of a California tech honcho overdosed on fentanyl he found while crawling around a playground in an upscale San Francisco neighborhood, according to his frightened father and nanny.

The 10-month-old twin, Sena, was playing with his brother at George Moscone Park in the Marina District on Tuesday afternoon when he began struggling to breathe and turned blue, his nanny Wendy Marroqui said.

Who’s going to be paying reparations for that one?

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