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Starbucks Does It Again: Hiring 10K Muslim Refugees to Spite Trump

Starbucks Does It Again: Hiring 10K Muslim Refugees to Spite Trump
By Lee Duigon

Some people just never learn. Of course, rich liberals are used to not having to experience any consequences when they screw up. So they keep on screwing up.

Remember when the grand poobah of Starbuck’s ordered all his employees to say “Let’s talk about racism” to any poor soul who came in to buy a cup of coffee? That policy wound up being smothered in laughter.

Well, Starbucks latest folly is an announcement that they’re gonna hire “10,000 Muslim refugees” to show Donald Trump who’s boss. Yessir, that’ll learn ‘im. Who does he think he is, trying to prevent terrorist-exporting countries from getting a beachhead in America?

Consequences? “Perception levels of Starbucks brand fell by an incredible two thirds” since the January announcement, according to a poll. That means two thirds of the people who used to say they liked Starbucks now say they don’t like it.

I would lose all respect for myself if I paid Starbucks prices for a cup of coffee–but shame on me if I knowingly let a single one of my dimes go to support a left-wing enterprise.

Go ahead, Starbucks–nag us about Climate Change and transgender rights, too, while you’re at it. Your CEO will still be rich even if the company crashes. And then he can run for U.S. Senate as a Democrat, with a magnificent record of failure snatched from the jaws of success.

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