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Science Joe and The Neanderthals

Science Joe and The Neanderthals
How Democrats hijacked science to justify their misrule.
By Don Feder

In the Dark Ages, rulers said follow the word of God – as interpreted by us – or we’ll burn you at the stake. Today, Democrats say follow the science (our God) – or we’ll burn you at the stake of public opinion.

Last week, Science Joe Biden blasted Texas and Mississippi for lifting face-mask mandates, calling it “Neanderthal thinking.”

The president was quite agitated when he insisted: “The last thing, the last thing we need is Neanderthal thinking that in mean time (the meantime?) everything is fine, take off your mask. Forget it. It’s (sic) still matters… And it’s critical, critical, critical that they follow the science.” Did you get that? It’s really, really, really critical.

The Biden gang is really, really, really concerned. With hospitalizations down, and vaccinations rising, people are engaging in a very un-scientific activity (one not recommended by the CDC and WHO) – thinking.

New York and California have two of the toughest lock-down regimes in the country. Both experienced COVID surges this winter that Florida missed, which would appear to fly in the face of the face-mask culture.

Wearing a bearskin and carrying a club, Texas Governor Greg Abbott replied that Science Joe is the nation’s super spreader in-chief. His welcome-mat policies at the Southern border funnel illegals into the country and send them to the hinterland – many with COVID.

President Einstein recently issued a memorable memorandum declaring, “It is the policy of my administration to make evidence-based decisions guided by the best available science and data.” Okay, settle down. Hysterical laughter doesn’t get us anywhere.

In order to properly access his record, let’s consider Science Joe’s policies in a few key areas.

Reopening schools – Science says it can be done – in certain enlightened jurisdictions, it is being done – safely and effectively. But the teachers’ unions, who want their members paid without working, say no. The unions were major supporters of the Biden campaign, so Joe meekly goes along with the charade. It’s the science of dollars and cents (campaign contributions).

The Equality Act – A bill that passed the House on February 18 would destroy women’s sports (force women and girls to compete against males who are naturally stronger and faster), give men access to women’s showers and changing rooms, and allow men to stay in shelters for battered women, among other insanity, on the theory that a man who thinks/says he’s a woman by that fact alone is a woman and must be treated as such, and reality and DNA be damned. Biden has made passing the Equality Act a top priority.

Abortion – The left comes up with an increasingly expansive definition of what it calls a woman’s right to choose – abortion in the third trimester, abortion up to the moment of birth, and postnatal abortion (where a doctor decides if the newborn lying on a delivery table will live). Biden repealed the Mexico City Policy and signed an executive order restoring federal funding to clinics that do abortion counseling and referrals. Note Democrats don’t talk about the science here – development of organs, brainwaves, and ability to feel pain or survive outside the womb — which would interfere with their pro-choice agenda.

Global Warming – In North America, this is one of the coldest winters on record. Every time I go out the door of my New England home, I can feel the global warming. Biden has appointed a cultist/true believer (John Rising-Sea-Levels Kerry) as his climate czar. He’s rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement. He stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline as the first step to killing domestic energy production. Here, most scientists who aren’t keeping their heads down are on the side of the alarmists – as insurance against losing their jobs, funding and credibility (by being tagged as a global warming “denier”). In 2013, a scientific expedition that went to Antarctica to verify global warming had their ship stuck in ice that wasn’t supposed to be there. The expedition’s leader said the scientists were “stuck in their own experiment.”

There is a fantasy, beloved of progressives everywhere, that there’s something out there called “science” – settled and unchanging, to which the overwhelming majority of scientists (who are courageous, wise and selfless) subscribe, and that it has nothing to do with politics, funding or the ceaseless quest for power.

The first scientist to go against the scientific consensus of his age is always called unscientific. The overwhelming majority of scientists in early 19th century France told Louis Pasteur – with his crazy germ theory — “Come on, man, follow the science!”

The abracadabra science of face masks, social distancing and lock downs is a ploy to facilitate voter fraud, trillion-dollar appropriations (with most going to municipal bailouts, arts funding and $140 million for a tunnel in Nancy Pelosi’s district) and permanent control of the economy. How many Faucis can rumba on the head of a pin?

Biden bids us be good lemmings and follow the science wherever he tells us it leads. Glug glug.

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