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Drag Show For Palestine

Satan Officially Comes Out for ‘Palestine’

Satan Officially Comes Out for ‘Palestine’
Finally some news for Hamas.
By Daniel Greenfield

The only thing missing from “Drag Show for Palestine” that was supposed to go forward in Phoenix, AZ was the devil. Fortunately, he sent along a somewhat less accomplished female substitute in the form of ‘Daddy Satan’.

“Join us for a night of Drag and Community as we gather at Palabras Book Store in solidarity with Palestine,” a local leftist bookstore announced. “We will have local organizers, speeches, education, food, and of course, DRAG!”

How drag queens like ‘Daddy Satan’ and ‘Pissunderstood’ were going to help Hamas remains unclear because the event had to be canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances” which in this case could mean anything.

‘Daddy Satan’, who is apparently a woman, has all the politics you expect, including BLM and hating Israel.

The self-proclaimed ‘drag demon’ who also claims to be biracial and pansexual, has attacked Israel on social media.

The good news for Hamas is that not only Sen. Chuck Schumer, but the devil has officially come out on its side.

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