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San Francisco Slavery Reparations Postponed Due to Hooters

San Francisco Slavery Reparations Postponed Due to Hooters
“We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like beer”
By Daniel Greenfield

“We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like beer and righteousness like a visit to Hooters.”

The former Confederate territory of San Francisco had been considering slavery reparations, sadly the meeting to discuss payments to people based on skin color in violation of the Civil Rights Act had to be put on hold for the best of all possible reasons in keeping with the great traditions of civil rights, as the San Francisco Standard reports.

San Francisco’s landmark hearing to discuss reparations for the city’s black community has been postponed by more than a month because Supervisor Shamann Walton took a nearly week-long vacation to party in Colombia and is experiencing flight issues getting home.

Tuesday’s reparations hearing had been almost two years in the making after Walton authored a resolution in early 2020 for San Francisco to study harm done to the city’s African American community. A committee was formed, and it has met more than a dozen times since February 2022. The board and members of the public were scheduled to discuss a plan from the committee that has numerous suggested steps to implement reparations.

Walton, who is the lone black member of the Board of Supervisors, told The Standard in a text message that he went to Colombia for a birthday trip. He posted a picture on his Instagram account Sunday at a Hooters restaurant in Medellín. The Standard captured a screenshot before it disappeared.

It’s not the worst possible reason a public servant could be held up in Medellín, but the real question is do the taxpayers of San Francisco get some reparations for their public servants partying in Colombia and missing meetings? Even if the meetings are about taking their money and redistributing it?

Rev. Amos Brown, who served as one of the 14 people on the African American Reparations Advisory Committee, was shocked to learn the reparations hearing was being delayed by Walton‘s vacation to another country.

“I’m stunned,” Brown said in a phone interview.

He added, “Well, still, there need to be reparations for the people’s sake. The black population in this county is on life support.”

Does Walton seem to be on life support? He seems to be getting paid and having a good time.

But we mustn’t be too judgemental. Hooters is based out of Atlanta. Maybe Walton was just pursuing some private reparations.

Anyway, we probably shouldn’t be talking about this. Walton has a hair-trigger on accusing people of racism.

Shamann Walton, president of San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, was mocked for likening the closure of John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park to the Jim Crow South, including by fellow African Americans who call his accusations of segregation silly.

Everything is racist, except Shamann.

Board of Supervisors President Shamann Walton was admonished by a Sheriff’s Office official last month after being accused of using a racial slur while berating a black cadet at a City Hall security checkpoint, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle.

Walton, who is also black, acknowledged using the slur “a few times” when he became frustrated about having to remove his belt to go through a metal detector June 24, according to a memo by Undersheriff Joseph Engler.

“President Walton became very angry with Cadet [name redacted], who is African American, and said, ‘It is N-words like you that looks like me that is always the problem,’ referring to the security protocols as some ‘N-word shit’ several times as he yelled at Cadet [name redacted],”

I think that cadet needs some reparations. As does the Colombian Hooters.

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