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Rep. Tlaib Could Start Her Own Fertilizer Factory

Rep. Tlaib Could Start Her Own Fertilizer Factory
By Don Feder

House Democrats Will be Among Her First Customers.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has been called insensitive, if not outright anti-Semitic, for her comments about the “calming effect” the Holocaust has on her. The thought of Jews being herded into gas chambers puts her in a happy place?

Democrats whine that Republicans are taking Tlaib’s remarks out of context.

But that misses the point. Forget the “calming” crap. The history she spins about Arab-Jewish relations before Israeli independence is so fantastically absurd that it leaves one breathless.

According to Tlaib, one of two Muslims in Congress (both Democrats, naturally), Arabs living in Mandate Palestine (now known as “Palestinians”) lovingly provided a safe-haven for European Jews during and after the Holocaust.

In reality:

– Arabs in the region strenuously opposed Jewish settlement in what became Israel from the 1880s onward.

– Throughout the 1920s and 1930s, they launched successive waves of pogroms, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Jews. In some cases, Jews fought back.

– They successfully lobbied the British to block the entrance of Jews to Palestine before and during World War II, knowing that to keep them in Europe was a death sentence.

– Haj Amin Husseni (formerly the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and leader of Palestinian Arabs) spent the war years in Berlin, working hand-in-glove with Hitler to assure the total destruction of European Jews, making propaganda broadcasts for the Nazis and recruiting Bosnian Muslims for the Waffen S.S.

– During the War of Independence, the “Palestinians” joined neighboring Arab states in a war of annihilation against the Jews of Israel.

– Their descendants organized the PLO, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and other terrorist entities which have continued their war to push the Jews into the sea over the past 75 years.

Rep. Tlaib could start her own fertilizer factory. Among her customers are the House Democratic leadership which has closed ranks around a notorious liar and propagandist for the Palestinian cause.

EDITOR’s NOTE: Both of Rashida Tlaib’s parents are Palestinian immigrants who were born and raised in the highly disputed area known as the West Bank.

In June 1967, a coalition of Arab nations – Egypt, Iraq, Jordan and Syria – attacked Israel.

The Arab goal was to annihilate the Jewish nation.

In what was formally known as the Third Arab-Israel War, Israel overwhelmingly repelled the Arab attack in the matter of just 6 days.

The Israeli defense was so successful that they captured the entire Sinai Peninsula from Egypt along with conquering the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

This gave Israel full control of the city of Jerusalem, a matter that greatly upset many Palestinians and Muslims.

Israel eventually returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt, but has refused to return the Gaza Strip or West Bank to their formal owners and this is the crux of the hatred between Palestinians like Tlaib and Israel.

Tlaib’s version of history involving the Holocaust is nothing more than a figment of her anti-Semitic mind.

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