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Released Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Fails to Justify Raid

Released Mar-a-Lago Affidavit Fails to Justify Raid
By Daniel Greenfield

The heavily redacted affidavit for the search warrant at Mar-a-Lago was released and it’s more notable for what it leaves out than what it mentions.

Team Coup is heavily invested in the mentions of classified documents originally recovered from Mar-a-Lago and their various classification levels. This is the expected thing from the same group of folks who have spent the last 6 years compulsively ladling out their “expertise” while ignoring the elephant in the room.

And Dumbo here is the question of why was there a raid.

There may be some sort of explanation for why Biden’s DOJ chose to pursue a raid rather than working through a subpoena in the blacked-out lines. The redacted would certainly like you think so as there is a heavily blacked out section while the unredacted words above it briefly mention that two moving vans were spotted at Mar-a-Lago.

And? Redacted.

Biden’s DOJ might argue that they’re entitled to keep the nature of any classified documents secret. Except that all the documents have presumably been seized, no details beyond general categories are being laid out, and the DOJ seems happy to discuss the classified documents, what it won’t discuss is why it chose to conduct a raid.

The affidavit doesn’t tell us much that we don’t already know. Its redactions appear aimed more at building political support for its banana republic move to target a political opponent than at actually explaining why it took the unprecedented step that it did.

The affidavit doesn’t justify the raid or the abuses of power. All it does is give the Biden administration’s political and media allies more material to work with.

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