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Vladimir Putin

Putin: Terror Attack “by Radical Islamists Whose Ideology the Islamic World Has Been Fighting”

Putin: Terror Attack “by Radical Islamists Whose Ideology the Islamic World Has Been Fighting”
“Are radical and even terrorist Islamic organizations really interested in striking Russia?”
By Daniel Greenfield

Despite the hype about how tough and serious Putin is, his speeches about the Islamic terrorist attack in Moscow could have been written for George W. Bush.

The officially translated remarks after the attack made no mention of Islam, but a follow up one on measures being taken after the attacks do mention Islam in a way Bush and Obama would have been fine with.

“We know that the crime was committed by the hands of radical Islamists, whose ideology the Islamic world itself has been fighting for centuries,” Putin initially stated.

That’s not a bad translation. he said, “radikalnih Islamistov” or “radical Islamists”.

The “Islamic world”, according to Vlad, has been fighting these “radical Islamists” for centuries.

It gets more pathetic from there as Putin tries to suggest that America, Ukraine and whoever else was really behind the attacks because Muslims, especially Muslim terrorists, love Russia too much.

According to Putin, America is suspiciously trying to convince the world that “the bloody terrorist attack was carried out by followers of Islam, members of the ISIS organization banned in Russia.”

“We know by whose hands this atrocity was committed against Russia and its people,” Putin insists, dismissing the question of who actually carried out the attack as seemingly unimportant.

“Are radical and even terrorist Islamic organizations really interested in striking Russia, which today stands for a fair solution to the escalating Middle East conflict? And how do radical Islamists, who position themselves, by the way, as devout Muslims, professing so-called pure Islam, commit serious atrocities and crimes during the holy month of Ramadan for all Muslims?”

Hasn’t Russia sided with Hamas? Why would Islamic terrorists attack Russia since it sides with Hamas? Sure there’s the whole Chechnya thing and a lot of history before that. Also the fact that Islamic Jihadists want to conquer the world. And Russia is in the world.

But why would Islamic terrorists carry out a terrorist attack against non-Muslims “during the holy month of Ramadan”?

Muslim terrorists in real life have no problem killing people on Ramadan. That’s what makes it holy.

But the rest of Putin’s opening remarks are about how Ukraine is the second coming of Nazi Germany and following orders from Washington D.C., while stealing all the money from Washington D.C., and that the attack might have been carried out to show that “not all is lost for the Kiev regime”.

By which Putin means Ukraine. How an ISIS attack in Moscow was supposed to do that, who knows?

But considering that Putin is addressing key government and domestic law enforcement figures, he’s directing them to come up with answers explaining that Ukraine was behind the whole thing and Islam is innocent. Before long we’ll probably see a confessional video in which the Islamic terrorists confess they’re really Ukranian Christians.

After all, Putin assures us that Islamic terrorists (even those mean radical Islamists) would never kill people on Ramadan.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Even after a murderous Islamic terrorist attack, Putin prioritizes appeasing Islam and fighting other Christians. It should by now be abundantly clear that Putin is not a bulwark against Islam, he’s a collaborator.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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