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Proud to be the Worst of the Worst

Proud to be the Worst of the Worst
By David Jolly

Face it. The liberal left owns and controls the bulk of the media, which is why I often refer to it as the sewagestream media instead of the mainstream media, because of all the smelly, foul crap they spew at the American people. The sewagestream media also has become the megaphone of Democrat propaganda, much like the state-run media in countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Consequently, Democrats and the sewagestream media hates everything that is wholesome and good about people, organizations, business and America.

If a person works hard and makes a success of what they do, they are denigrated by Democrats and the sewagestream media, who want to take all of the hard-earned gain and give to those who are too lazy to even provide for themselves and their families.

Not only are Democrats portraying any and all successful and hard-working people (except fellow Democrats) as being the evil villains who are responsible for others being poor and living in poverty, but they are also busy making white males equally as evil to every minority in existence.

Even though it was white Europeans who colonized America and built it into a great nation, Democrats are busy convincing black Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans and even American Indians that all of their problems in life are the fault of white people, specifically white males.

It was white males who bought and owned slaves, or so they say, forgetting that some free blacks had also purchased and owned slaves that were used to help make their black owners wealthier.

It was white males who conquered the many tribes of American Indians and took their land, relegating Indians to living on reservations or adapting to the white man’s way of life. They forget that all of history is filled with one civilization or group of people warring against others and taking their lands and possessions. Even the African ancestors of the slaves warred with neighboring tribes. Asians have a history of warring with each other for centuries. As for the Hispanic Americans, their history is Mexico, Central and South America has been one of conquering native tribes and stealing their lands and possessions and forcing them to adapt or disappear, not even giving them reservations to live on.

As for slavery, most black Americans and Democrats fail to acknowledge or even know, that thousands of Irish, who fled the terrible conditions in their country, ended up as slaves or the equivalent of slaves in some parts of America. However, since the Irish are Caucasian, it doesn’t fit the racist scenario that Democrats want.

All of this is leading today’s Democrats to portray and characterize all white males as being the evil, oppressive and racist horrible people responsible for all of the woes and bad things in the world today.

When President Donald Trump pointed out that the leftist hate group Antifa was partially responsible for starting the violence that rocked Charlottesville a couple of years ago, Democrats instantly went on the warpath, calling Trump a racist, bigot, hater and white supremacist. In their eyes no leftists could ever start any violence and that it all had to be the fault of alt-right white supremacists and because Trump said the leftist held some of the blame – boom – he’s a white supremacist.

Some Democrats have gone so far today as equating any and all white males who are the least patriotic and conservative as being a ‘white nationalist’ which they then go one to equate as being the same thing as a white supremacist. They are even using these terms to denigrate white male Christians who speak out against the evils of the left.

I am a white male who is also conservative, patriotic and Christian. In the eyes of many Democrats, that makes me the worst of the worst and you know what, I’m proud of it.

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