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Pope Compares Politicians Opposed to Gays, Jews To Hitler

Pope Compares Politicians Opposed to Gays, Jews To Hitler
By Julio Severo

Pope Francis denounced the persecution of homosexuals on November 15, 2019, and compared politicians who “stoke hatred and anti-gay sentiment” to Hitler.

Francis delivered his remarks at an international conference on criminal law at the Vatican City.

“It is not coincidental that at times there is a resurgence of symbols typical of Nazism,” he said. “And I must confess to you that when I hear a speech (by) someone responsible for order or for a government, I think of speeches by Hitler in 1934, 1936.” He said persecution against Jews and “people with homosexual tendencies” represented a “culture that throws people away.”

“These are actions that are typical of Nazism, which with its persecution of Jews, Gypsies, people with homosexual orientation, represent an excellent model of the culture of hatred that throws people away. That is what was done in those days and today it is happening again,” Francis said.

He did not single out any particular politician or government.

There are two categories of governments and societies as far as homosexuality is concerned. There are governments and societies that torture and kill homosexuals. Even though Islamic nations as Saudi Arabia and Iran are prominent examples, the reality is that in a lesser or bigger degree all Islamic societies tend to persecute and kill homosexuals.

And there are governments and societies that do not torture and kill homosexuals.

Yet, Francis did not address Islamic nations that kill homosexuals. He seems to imply that politicians, probably Christian politicians in the United States, who fight against the gay agenda are imitating Nazism.

His implication has nothing to do with U.S. President Donald Trump, whose administration has made virtually no effort to oppose gay “marriage” and other major items from the homosexual agenda. Generally, the Trump administration is passive regarding homosexual advances in the U.S. society.

Pope’s accusation seems to have targeted evangelical politicians. But his effort to make opposition to homosexuality equal to opposition to Jews is futile in the American context, because U.S. evangelicals are shining examples of defense of family against the homosexual agenda and defense of Israel and the Jews against left-wing and Islamic persecution. No one in the whole world defends more Israel and the Jews than American evangelicals do.

However, there is a massive group that fits perfectly in the pope’s description: Muslims. Usually, Muslim cultures oppose homosexuals and Jews, and not rarely they kill homosexuals and Jews — not mentioning Christians.

Because Pope Francis did not specify his accusation by naming Muslims as imitators of Nazism — and by the way, the Hitler autobiography is a best-seller in Islamic nations —, the public may feel in the dark about his real target.

Nazism persecuted the Jews totally, but it did not persecute homosexuals totally. According to Dr. Lothar Machtan in his book “The Hidden Hitler,” Hitler was a homosexual. And according to Scott Lively in his book “The Pink Swastika,” the Nazi elite was homosexual. Because the predominant Nazi homosexuality was “macho,” they hated and persecuted effeminate homosexuals.

Even today, there are hostility between homosexual groups.

That Hitler was a homosexual was not a total secret. Left-wing Jews in Germany tried to expose Hitler’s homosexuality in the 1930s, but the German society gave them no attention because they were Jews and left-wingers — two categories hated by Nazis. If Francis is really a left-wing Catholic who likes the Jews, could not he give some attention to these left-wing Jews?

If a group kills effeminate homosexuals, it is similar to Nazis. This is not the case of evangelical politicians, but it is the case of Muslims.

If a group of homosexuals imposes a fascist ideology on society, it is similar to Nazis.

Hitler’s Nazi regime in Germany persecuted and killed millions of Jews, from 1933-45, and had an elaborate array of death camps, which were copied from what Catholic Spain, a champion of the Inquisition, did to Catholic Cuba in the late 1800s.

Who admires Hitler for what he did to the Jews? Muslims, not American evangelicals.

Why didn’t Francis target Muslims? Is he afraid of them?

In its report about Francis, FoxNews, which is considered the largest conservative news TV in the U.S., also did not mention Muslims. It just said, “leaders such as President Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil have a history of making homophobic and racists comments.” FoxNews is so “conservative” that Bolsonaro chose it exclusively for interview in his U.S. trip on March 2019.

DailyMail also only mentioned Bolsonaro as an example of what Francis said, and it had no courage to mention Saudi Arabia and other Muslim nations that kill homosexuals.

Even though Bolsonaro has said in the past that homosexuality in a son can be “healed” through spanking, as a president he has not voiced such ideas anymore. On the contrary, in the 2019 Brazilian CPAC, his son Eduardo Bolsonaro proudly posed with the gay flag, and his father never criticized him for it.

To insinuate that U.S. evangelicals are “stoking hatred and anti-gay sentiment” with their necessary campaigns against homosexual indoctrination in schools and TV, while the pope totally spares homosexual-killing Muslims, is insane.

To insinuate that U.S. evangelicals are “stoking hatred and anti-gay sentiment” with their necessary campaigns against the fascist homosexual ideology, while the pope totally spares homosexual-killing Muslims, is insane.

To compare pro-Israel and pro-family evangelicals in the U.S. to Hitler is similarly insane.

Francis owes a public apology to U.S. evangelicals.

If Francis does not want to criticize Muslims for killing Jews and homosexuals, he should at least condemn problems inside the Catholic Church. He should condemn the resurgence of pro-Inquisition sentiment among right-wing Catholics in Brazil. The revisionism of the Inquisition is similar to the revisionism of abortion, and this is a Catholic problem that should be addressed by the pope. Sooner or later, pro-Inquisition Catholics are going to want to kill homosexuals.

Pro-Inquisition sentiment is similar to pro-Nazi sentiment. Francis should focus on this problem, because pro-Inquisition right-wing syncretic Catholics in Brazil are connected with Steve Bannon to overthrow his papacy. They want a pro-Inquisition pope.

Olavo de Carvalho, a syncretic Catholic who is the most prominent Brazilian revisionist of the Inquisition, is connected with Bannon against Francis. Carvalho does not accept the Christian teaching about the homosexual behavior being a sin. So why does Francis target U.S. evangelicals, but he does not target pro-Inquisition right-wing syncretic Catholics?

The pope needs better advisers to understand homosexuality in Nazism and Hitler, and to understand that evangelical politicians in the United States defend Israel and the Jews and the family against the homosexualist threats without killing homosexuals.

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