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Morning Joe - White Trump Voters - Enemies Of The State

Poor White Trump Voters – Enemies of the State

Poor White Trump Voters – Enemies of the State
Their “rage” is an existential “threat to American democracy.”
By Mark Tapson

As this critical 2024 presidential election draws closer, the panicked left finds themselves without a candidate even remotely capable of defeating Donald Trump – an inexorable, MAGA juggernaut that the Democrat Party cannot seem to stop no matter how many trumped-up (pun intended) lawsuits and investigations they throw in his path to a second Presidency.

Democrats are saddled with an incumbent so obviously decrepit in body and mind that his supporters can no longer successfully gaslight even themselves into believing he’s a keen-witted dynamo. Their vice-presidential fallback option is a hopelessly incompetent and unpopular Woman of Color™ whose only skill is “failing up.” Long-rumored candidate California Governor Gavin Newsom craves the presidency like a vampire craves blood but is a white man, so he’s out. The Party’s not-so-secret weapon whom many felt sure was going to be the nominee, popular former First Lady Michelle Obama, reiterated this week that she is adamant about wanting nothing to do with political office. So the Democrats’ only hope as an election strategy (apart from widespread voter fraud, of course) is to demonize their opponents – those unwoke, white Deplorables of flyover country – as an existential threat to America and to the idea of democracy itself.

Of course, by “democracy” the left means “permanent Democrat hegemony,” and by “America,” the left means an impotent, borderless, former-superpower-turned-satellite of the European Union and other supranational entities like the World Economic Forum. That is their globalist, totalitarian vision to which Trump is an immovable obstacle.

The left despise, with the heat of a thousand Texas suns, the working class patriots they smear as white supremacists, who refuse to give up on Trump and America. The most blatant current example of their visceral contempt for Trump supporters is a new book with the on-the-nose title White Rural Rage: The Threat to American Democracy. It was written by a pair of white Progressive hatchet men, University of Maryland political science professor Tom Schaller and journalist Paul Waldman (I point out their whiteness because they themselves, like the Democrats generally, see everything through the distorted lens of skin color).

Schaller and Waldman waste no time in the book identifying “rural” and “urban” as the defining major divide in this country, and painting a picture of paranoid, bitter, enraged, Trump-deluded, working class country music fans as existential Enemies of the State. White Rural Rage reeks in every paragraph (yes, I’ve read it) of demagoguery, projection, and a stunning lack of self-awareness.

I won’t bother to sum up the book’s argument because Schaller and Waldman did that ably themselves when they appeared on the propaganda outlet MSNBC to promote White Rural Rage. They leapt immediately into smearing white working class Americans outside the oh-so-sophisticated blue cities as the dregs of our society. In response to a question from Trump-hating Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, whose face is set in a permanent sneer, Schaller was ready with his talking points explaining why rural whites are “a threat to democracy”:

First, they are the most racist, xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-gay geo-demographic group in the country.

Second, they are the most conspiracist group: QAnon supporters and subscribers, election denialism, COVID denialism, scientific skepticism, Obama birtherism.

Third, anti-democratic sentiments: they don’t believe in an independent press, free speech. They’re the most likely to say the president should be able to act unilaterally without any checks from Congress, or the courts or the bureaucracy. They’re also also the most strongly white nationalist and white Christian nationalist.

And fourth, they are the most likely to excuse or justify violence as acceptable alternative to peaceful public discourse.

The elitist arrogance and projection are breathtaking. Only left-wing ideologues could live in a country ravaged over the last few years by Black Lives Matter rioting, by a dizzying descent into rampant lawlessness and chaos spurred on by Democrat pro-crime policies and prosecutors, by a Biden administration-driven border invasion threatening to overwhelm to turn our cities into Third World hellholes, by widespread campus Jew-hatred fueled by radical academics and taking over the streets, by racial division inflamed by race-hustling elites – and claim that it is white rural voters who are the most violent, racist, anti-democratic threat to America. Would Schaller and Waldman, or anyone on the left, write a book titled Black Urban Rage: The Threat to American Democracy?

White rural voters aren’t anti-immigrant; they’re simply opposed to the madness of an administration that has thrown open our border and abandoned immigration law entirely. They’re not anti-gay; they’re just sick of having gender ideology shoved down their throats and being slammed as bigots for not celebrating every anti-family perversion the left insists we embrace. They’re not anti-democratic; it’s not white rural voters who created cancel culture or who turned the entire mainstream media into a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party. And as any conservative speaker on a college campus will tell you, it’s not white rural voters who refuse to engage in peaceful public discourse.

As for COVID denial, we all know now that the vaccine skeptics and mask-resisters who were demonized and ostracized as hateful, anti-science monsters were right from the beginning, and that the pandemic was engineered by globalist greed-mongers for power and profit – just as 2020 “election deniers” were right that Democrats engaged in massive cheating to put their candidate over the top. (Schaller and Waldman have nothing to say, by the way, about the Democrat “election deniers” such as Hillary Clinton who come out in full force when a Republican wins.)

Schaller and Waldman claim that white rural voters have been manipulated into their purported rage by a “right-wing noise machine” and by Republican lawmakers who are really to blame for the legitimate complaints they have against a system that Schaller and Waldman admit has failed them. And it is fair to say that far too many Republican politicians either don’t have the best interests of American patriots at heart or lack the fortitude and character to push back against the leftist agenda.

But the current state of our disunion is not the result of an insidious, anti-democratic, right-wing propaganda machine radicalizing poor whites, but of the left-wing radicalization of the Democrat Party and the left’s full-bore agenda to “fundamentally transform” America as we know it into a permanent, one-party totalitarian state.

The left’s demonization of the working-class, white Americans who have the gall to resist the Progressive agenda at every turn is ugly, destructive, and pushing this country toward open civil war. And they will blame that civil war on the demographic they have been intentionally — and dangerously — provoking.

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