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Pittsburgh Catholic University Hosts Speaker Who Says Whites Must ‘Crucify Their Whiteness’

Pittsburgh Catholic University Hosts Speaker Who Says Whites Must ‘Crucify Their Whiteness’
And calls itself “a diverse and inclusive community.”
By Robert Spencer

Apparently in the view of some Leftist Christians, Jesus loves some of the little children, but by no means all of them. Carlow University, an ostensibly Catholic institution, recently offered their hapless students the opportunity to attend an event entitled “Rejecting White Christianity,” featuring a speaker who denounced Trump supporters as un-Christian and called on white people to “crucify their whiteness.” When challenged as to why they hosted this divisive, racist, pseudo-Christian nonsense, the university invoked the principle of free speech and free inquiry that has seldom, if ever, resulted in their inviting any dissidents from the Leftist agenda to speak on campus.

To be sure, those familiar with Carlow University could have seen this coming. The university describes itself as first and foremost “a diverse and inclusive community” and only secondarily as “rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith.” The word “diverse” appears three times on the “Carlow Identity” page, and the university assures us that it is “a values-driven organization with a deep commitment to service, social justice, equity and inclusion.”

That deep commitment led Carlow to host Miguel De La Torre, a professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado, and the author, coauthor, or editor of no fewer than 39 books, including such classics of Christian thought as Decolonizing Christianity: Becoming Badass Believers; Burying White Privilege: Resurrecting A Badass Christianity; Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump; Liberating Sexuality: Justice Between the Sheets; and The Quest for the Historical Satan.

Although Donald Trump has been out of the Oval Office for over fourteen months now (it seems like fourteen years, after all the havoc the Biden administration has inflicted upon the land), he is still very much on Miguel De La Torre’s uncolonized mind. The good professor began his diatribe at Carlow by excommunicating followers of the former president: “When eight out of ten white evangelicals voted for a person who is completely against everything Christianity stands for, I don’t know what Christianity they are practicing. But I want nothing to do with that Christianity.”

De La Torre then explained the difference between what he called “white theology and ethics” and “Latinx ethics,” helpfully adding that when he excoriated all things white, he meant whiteness not in terms of race, but an “ontological concept.” Oh. De La Torre, who is to all appearances white, continued, “Those of us who are colored, some of us can also be white.” This kind of thinking is what gets you a job as a professor of social ethics and Latinx studies. But De La Torre also tossed Whitey a bone: “But the good news is there is salvation … We have to crucify our colonized minds, and for our white brothers and sisters, they need to crucify their whiteness.”

When asked why Carlow featured all this racist garbage and victimhood fetishism, Sean McFarland, who has the unenviable job of being Carlow University’s Public Relations and Communications Manager, explained that “viewpoints of lecturers should not be taken as either an endorsement or opposition of how the University feels about a particular issue. Rather, the intent of our university’s liberal arts tradition is to expose students to a variety of worldly perspectives and encourage them to think critically and individually on how they feel about the topic(s) in question. Carlow University is proud of our Catholic heritage and mercy mission, which welcomes all. As such, the University welcomes respectful discourse and multiple perspectives, including being open to hosting speakers like Dr. De La Torre whose topic may engender thoughtful reflection and dialogue.” Yeah, thoughtful reflection and dialogue is surely what Carlow is after, as long as speakers reflect today’s fashionable Leftist perspectives.

And what could be more fashionable than De La Torre’s noxious stew of racial hatred, resentment, and rage?

McFarland’s claim that Carlow University exposes students to a wide variety of perspectives in order to encourage critical thinking strains credulity. Let’s see: when was the last time the university hosted a foe of jihad violence and Sharia oppression of women? Why, the answer is almost certainly never, because to host such a speaker would be “Islamophobic.” When was the last time Carlow University featured a speaker who challenged the Left?

So what’s that you were saying about free thought and free expression, McFarland? Carlow University has given us yet another example of the irremediable corruption and politicization of American universities today. Time to stop sending our kids to them and giving them even a penny.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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