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Nearly Two-Thirds of French Want to End Non-European Immigration

Nearly Two-Thirds of French Want to End Non-European Immigration
The dismal reality of what this immigration has meant to France.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

The opposition in France to non-European immigration – which in reality means North African Muslim immigrants, especially those from Algeria and Morocco – grows inexorably, as the dismal reality of what this immigration has meant to the French becomes ever clearer. More on the latest French opinion polls and their significance can be found here: “64% of French against non-European immigration, women more in favor of the idea,” by Denes Albert, Remix News, April 17, 2023:

When asked “if we should stop non-European immigration to France,” more than six out of 10 French people (64%) answer “yes,” according to a poll for CNEWS by Consumer Science & Analytics (CSA) published on Wednesday, April 12.

According to the same survey, 36% of respondents answered “no,” thus opposing this idea.

The latest poll generally aligns with previous polls on the topic of immigration in France, which show the French are overwhelmingly opposed to mass immigration. However, this poll also shows that women are slightly more in favor of the idea of stopping non-European migration flows than men (61 percent), a finding that generally contrasts with polls from other countries like the United States, Germany, Sweden and Finland. In general, polling finds that women are generally more open to the idea of mass immigration in Western countries.

Muslim immigrants constitute a higher percentage of the population in France than in those other countries (the U.S., Germany, Sweden, and Finland). Many of them are young Muslim males, who regard French women – non-Muslim women, Infidels – as fair game for their violent attentions. After all, those Infidel women dress immodestly, by Muslim standards, and as non-Muslims – “the most vile of created beings” — “they have it coming.” The rise in the incidence of rape cases all over Europe, as Ayaan Hirsi Ali demonstrated in her 2021 study Prey, is directly related to the rise in Muslim immigration. Though Muslims constitute about 10% of the poplation of France, they commit over 60% of the rapes and nearly 1000% of the gang rapes, as well as other sexual assaults short of rape. That explains why French women, once so independent, no longer go out alone in the evenings.

The poll also contains novel results regarding the age distribution of those rejecting mass immigration. The demographic answering “yes” at the highest rates is the 50-64 age group (68 percent), followed by the 25-34-year-olds (66 percent). Anti-immigration sentiment, therefore, is more evenly distributed among French society’s generations compared to Anglo countries like the U.S. and Britain, where the younger generation is far more accepting of open borders and lax immigration policy than the older generations.

Considering the sociological profile of the respondents, the least favored socio-professional categories are the most firm (71 percent) about stopping non-European immigration on French soil.

The “least favored socio-professional categories” means the French poor. It is they who have the most immediate contact with the Muslim immigrants. They live in the same government-subsidized housing estates as the Muslim immigrants, or if not In government housing, than in the economically depressed neighbors where Muslims also live. These French urban poor live in fear of their Muslim neighbors, who treat the indigenous French with contempt. The greatest victims of the Muslim criminals who commit street robberies, apartment burglaries, vandalism, assaults, and rapes, are the poorer people in France, who are forced by poverty to live near them, and must endure their aggressions. The French poor also see how these Muslim immigrants are provided with every sort of. benefit, even though they never paid into the system. And their resentment grows.

When you must endure from early morning to late in the evening, five times a day, every day, the shrill, loud Call to Prayer, or find hundreds of Muslims taking over public places, including streets and plazas, to pray in unison, blocking traffic, this, too, is a growing grievance for non-Muslims.

Then come those not working (62 percent) who answer “yes” to stopping this form of immigration, and finally, the upper socio-professional categories, with nearly six out of 10 French people (59 percent) here answering “yes.”

Unsurprisingly, the political divide on the issue is reflected in the results of this CSA poll for CNEWS.

In fact, 94 percent of those polled who said they were on the right were in favor of stopping non-European migration to France. As previous polls have shown in France, a majority of the left is also opposed, with 63 percent in the CSA poll saying “yes.”

However, a majority (70 percent) of the far-left France Insoumise party answered “no” to the question, signaling their support for non-European immigration. On the other hand, respondents close to the National Rally [the party of Marnie Le Pen] are almost unanimous, with 99 percent saying they would say “yes” to stopping such immigration.

There are now clear political divisions in France on the issue of non-European migration. Almost all – 94% — of those French who describe themselves as being on the right want a halt to non-European immigration. And 99% of those who favor Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party are against any more non-Muslim immigration. In fact, even on the left there is a split: nearly two-thirds (63%) of those on “the left” – the Socialists — are opposed to such immigration. But the 70% of those on “far left” – Communists rather than Socialists – continue to oppose a halt to non-European immigration. This reflects the sentimental sympathy of Communists for those they think of as “Third World” victims of French colonialism, who therefore, “deserve” to be admitted to France. In effect, it is the millions of North African Muslim immigrants who are now colonizing France, with far more devastating effects on France than the French colonists ever had on North Africa. In fact, in the only real colony the French had in North Africa – Algeria, from 1830 to 1962 — their presence between 1830 and 1962 was mostly beneficial. The French introduced modern agricultural methods, built schools and the first universities, erected Western-level hospitals, constructed a network of roads where none had existed, and improved ports. This history is often overlooked because it does not fit the entrenched narrative of the wicked French colonists exploiting the indigenous maghrébins.

But eventually, when those ideologically wedded to the far left come to understand the retrograde nature of Islam, its misogyny, homophobia, racism, antisemitism, and inculcated contempt for all non-Muslims, even they will oppose, in ever greater numbers, that non-European immigration that threatens the future of France.

First a little, thence to more. With each passing month, the unease with these maghrébins grows even among the far-left, so does the pressure from below on the political class to end that immigration. Among the supporters of Marine Le Pen, who is the most likely successor, at this point, to President Macron, 99% of them want to stop such immigration. Support for stopping such immigration steadily grows, too, among the far-left members of Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Insoumise Party. a groundswell that will become so strong that the politicians who ignore this swelling popular opposition to more Muslim migrants being allowed into France from Macron to Mélenchon, will be replaced by those who, like Marine Le Pen, Philippe De Villiers, Eric Zemmour, and Pierre Bonchand, not only want to call a halt to any further Muslim immigration, but intend to create the conditions where Muslims will be encouraged, by both carrots (one-time payments to leave France) and sticks (imposing a work requirement on recipients of every kind of welfare benefit, and severely limiting the period when migrants remain eligible for such benefits, and so on). Many Muslim migrants, realizing that France has become distinctly less hospitable, will find it no longer advantageous to remain in France, and the hope is that they will return to their, or to their parents’, countries of origin.

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