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National LGBT Hate Machine Targets Small Town Vice-Mayor over ‘Straight Pride Month’

National LGBT Hate Machine Targets Small Town Vice-Mayor over ‘Straight Pride Month’
By Arthur Schaper

Since the early 1990s, homosexual activists have fought to normalize their behaviors and codify them into a distinct identity worth of civil rights protections. Massachusetts forced the recognition of same-sex marriage on the residents of the Commonwealth in 2003. Fast forward two decades, and people are losing their jobs, their businesses, and their liberties for opposing the LGBT movement. Of course, there were warning signs about LGBT tyranny at the same time. As early as 2004, pastors in Sweden were going to jail for preaching against all forms of sexual deviance, including homosexuality, adultery, and pre-marital sex.

The fight to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism has taken more wicked turns since then. Bakeries are forced to “bake the cake” for the gay wedding, or they face crippling fines and foreclosure. Proprietors in private firms in other fields are facing pressure to compromise their deeply-held religious beliefs. In Canada, pro-family activist and Christian Bill Whatcott is facing two criminal trials just for passing out Gospel tracts in two gay pride parades.

In California, the corrupted, left-wing, hyper-partisan state legislature has been chipping away at First Amendment rights, including freedom of religion, for the last 8 years. They have declared war on nature and nature’s God, certainly, as they continue promoting homosexuality and transgenderism at the expense of Biblical morality and biological truth. They have banned conversation therapy for minors. They have required single-use restrooms to accommodate both genders—and transgenders. Businesses must teach their employees about sensitivity. You can go to jail for a year for using the wrong pronoun in a nursing home, but you will only get a slap on the wrist for knowingly infecting someone with AIDS. Even public schools must each about homosexuality and transgenderism, and often as early as third grade!

California lawmakers are now pushing a ban on conversion therapy completely, plus any teachings, books, or statements that denounce or discourage same-sex conduct and transgenderism. This bill, AB 2943, would essentially ban the Bible and turn any pro-family activist or common-sense individual into a criminal overnight.

But the LGBT Movement is not just attacking the rights of Californians on a broad scale. They are going after every individual who speaks his or her (those are the only genders I will recognize) mind.

The target of this LGBT Hate Machine? Dixon, California Vice-Mayor Ted Hickman. It all started with an article posted in the local newspaper and his blog. Hickman let his views be known about “Gay Pride” Month. Why not have a “Straight Pride America Month” too? His writing was glib, tongue-in-cheek. One quote showcases his determination to speak his mind without shutting anyone down:

“I am proclaiming July as NOT LGBTQ aka… Straight pride month…You know… I hereby resolve that I proclaim the month of July to be celebrated as… I am proud to be a heterosexual, monogamous, married to the opposite sex, straight individual that knows what goes where and why.”

Outrage from the regressive left and LGBT activists erupted at this breach of political correctness. The local press and throughout California reported (really tattled) on Hickman. Even the national press took a dig at this vice-mayor for simply writing what many people believe about life, marriage, and family.

At the July 10, 2018 city council meeting, Hickman faced a firestorm of condemnation from constituents, but also many people from outside the city of Dixon. They were calling for his resignation just for sharing his points of view, but let’s cut through the noise. This backlash was about more than his off-color remarks in an otherwise straightforward article in the local press. This is another push in the aggressive LGBT Agenda to silence anyone and make them suffer if they speak out against homosexuality, gay marriage, or transgenderism.

His article contains some off-color remarks, sure, but by and large his disgust with the movement, including its increasingly inappropriate displays in gay pride parades in major cities, have turned off lots of people. Even the gays themselves have found that “Pride Month” is turning into something not to so gay, or something to be proud of. All of this comes from the declining sales and attendance at some of the parades in larger cities (Toronto, for example, as well as London). At the 2017 Gay Pride Parade in Los Angeles, I met gay Angelenos who told me that they voted for Trump and therefore they had no interest in participating due to the parade’s sinister political overtones that year.

There is hope, however. The international pro-family group MassResistance has scheduled demonstrations and attendance at the July 24th Dixon City Council meeting. This appeal is going out to any citizen, anyone who believes in natural marriage, Biblical morality, and the First Amendment to attend. Even in deeply regressive left-wing California, citizens are waking up. They are fed up with the LGBT Bullying, and they are not afraid to stand with Ted Hickman.

Twenty years ago, LGBT activists (actually, homosexual activists, since the other letters didn’t come into play until later) told the general public that they simply wanted to remove the criminal penalties for sodomy. Most of the libertarian crowd and the younger generation laughed off Christians, conservatives, and pro-family activists that any concerns about a “slippery slope” toward future demands for gay marriage, paraphilias (sex with animals, objects, and worst of all children) would never happen. They also poo-pooed the argument that recognizing “Gay rights” would not impinge on the natural rights of all citizens.

Here we are now, and the assurances have been exposed as rank lies. Freedom of speech and assembly face unprecedented suppression. Men and women of faith are losing jobs or are forced to resign their positions for taking pro-family views. And its latest tyrannical manifestation is trying to get a duly-elected city councilmen like Ted Hickman thrown out of office for merely voicing their opinions—opinions shared by many in the community.

It’s time for us to take a stand against this abuse. For more information, please contact me at [email protected]

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