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Mommy, Why Did You Kill Me?

Mommy, Why Did You Kill Me?
By Ed Decker

Millions of women have become killers of their own flesh and blood. It is genocide on the most massive scale in the history of humankind and our president wants us to beef up our support of this heinous crime.

Since Roe vs. Wade, 55 million babies have been murdered in the USA. The numbers are beyond the population size of many nations. Over 15% 0f our own nation’s population are dead babies

Actually, in the over-200 Nations of the world by population, #DEADBABIESUSA would be the 24th largest nation in the world, just a few million less than Italy and The United Kingdom.

In the USA, the number of dead babies is almost 20 million more than the largest State, California, at 38 million and ten million more than the next two states, Texas and New York combined.

This is not simply abortion. It is genocide. It goes far beyond Holocaust numbers. The Holocaust claimed between five [low] and 20 million [high] lives. This homegrown murder rampage has claimed double to 10 times as many victims than those who died in that brutal era.

World War II was the deadliest military conflict in history. Over 60 million people died, over 2.5% of the world population. The total number of military and civilian casualties in World War I was over 37 million. USA mothers egged on by groups like Planned Parenthood have killed 20 million more than that.

In America, from the revolutionary war and including every conflict in which we had troops, up the present day as we continue to war in the Middle East, records show we lost a staggering 2,717,991 lives.

The Civil war alone claimed the most lives, 636,000. Abortionists have killed 20 times the dreadful number killed in all our wars. Today, in 2014, we sit by the sidelines when they bill us for what they call a woman’s right to her own body. Affordable Care Act? It is more an Affordable Infanticide Act.

I am afraid that unless we see a miracle turn-around in American Christian complacency, we will see the end of an America we once knew as the best. Pray for that miracle!

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