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May Day Means More Riots in Seattle

May Day Means More Riots in Seattle
By Daniel Greenfield

It’s Seattle, so a rally or protest just about any day potentially means more riots. But celebrating a Marxist holiday is never going to end well.

Seattle Police said they arrested fourteen people Saturday during unpermitted May Day marches for a variety of crimes from property destruction to assault and reckless driving.

Later in the day, Seattle Police said a group of people dressed in black was moving around downtown Seattle and the Capitol Hill neighborhood blocking traffic, and throwing objects at officers and bystanders.

In past years, May Day has historically turned violent in later hours when anarchist groups take to the streets.

It’s almost as if radical leftists can’t be trusted not to riot even when there’s no pretense of racism.

Police said the crowd threw “flares, bottles, eggs, paint and a bag of unidentified liquid” at officers and a passenger in a vehicle on Denny threw a bottle through the open window of an SPD vehicle, striking the driver.

Is even a single one of these leftist rioters gainfully employed outside…

1. The educational system

2. Bike shops

3. The government

I’m going to wager that they’re not.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal spoke at a rally for International Workers Day Saturday morning expressing gratitude for the Trump-era policies that have been rolled back by President Joe Biden but said that much more needs to be done. “Already the president has rolled back many of the worst Trump-era restrictions but we know that that is not sufficient,” Jayapal said.

It never is. Not until Comrade Biden’s wearing red.

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