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Macron Calls Migrants a ‘Fantastic Fortune’ for France

Macron Calls Migrants a ‘Fantastic Fortune’ for France
But admits that half of crimes are committed by ‘foreigners’.
By Hugh Fitzgerald

Emmanuel Macron is both the President of France and a threat to the survival of the French. He is now admitting that the country’s increasing Muslim population – though he states it in a fashion designed to obscure, rather than to clarify, reality, by calling these Muslims “foreigners” – exhibits rates of criminality much higher than those of the indigenous French. He then proposes no other “solution” to the problem except to disperse Muslims throughout the French countryside. But in that countryside, those Muslims will have room to build even bigger houses for larger families, will create Muslim communities where none had existed before, will build more mosques, conduct da’wah, and unsettle the French rural population, as they have already done to the French who live in cities.

A report on Macron’s failure to come to grips with the “Muslim problem,” even as he concedes that Muslims commit half the crimes in Paris, can be found here: “Macron says half the crimes in Paris are committed by foreigners,” by John Cody, ReMix News, October 27, 2022

French President Emmanuel Macron admits that half the crimes committed in Paris are the work of foreigners during an interview yesterday on the France 2 television channel.

“Yes, when we look at delinquency in Paris, we can see that half of the delinquent acts come from foreigners in an irregular situation or awaiting asylum approval,” said Macron.

Macron refers to “foreigners.” But everyone in France knows it is only one kind of “foreigner” that causes trouble: Muslim foreigners, and more specifically, the maghrebins, Muslims from North Africa, especially Algeria and Morocco. Macron refuses to identify correctly that worrisome population, lest he be accused of being a “racist” and an “Islamophobe.”

If those “foreigners” (North African Muslims) commit half of the crimes in Paris (in Marseille, France’s second city, they commit 55% of the crimes) are “in an irregular situation” — meaning they are in France illegally – there are in addition other Muslims, legally in France, who also commit crimes at higher rates than other legal immigrants. And even Muslims who are citizens, whether naturalized or born in France, exhibit rates of criminality many times greater than the non-Muslim population. 70% of those in French prisons are Muslims; it stands to reason that Muslims commit 70% of the crimes. And the percentage of Muslim prisoners convicted of crimes of extreme violence, including rape and murder, is even higher.

However, Macron also said that despite the issue with immigration and insecurity, he sees no “existential” link between the two.

“I will never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity,” said Macron just 10 days after the murder of 12-year-old Lola, who was raped, had her throat slashed, and was stuffed in a suitcase by an Algerian migrant who was in the country illegally.

Why not? Macron seems to recognize that very link which he now denies (“I will never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity”) when he says that “half the crimes in Paris” are committed by illegal immigrants. His rhetoric makes light of their violation of the laws; instead of calling them, correctly, “illegal” immigrants, he describes them as merely ”in an irregular situation,” which sounds as if there is just a little bureaucratic paperwork to attend to, in order to regularize their situation.

This is quite a display of mental disconnect. Having just acknowledged that in Paris illegal “foreigners” commit half the crimes, he then says that “I will never make an existential link between immigration and insecurity.”

But he just did. Skyrocketing crime rates cause insecurity. Half the crimes committed in Paris, by Macron’s own admission, are by foreigners — illegal immigrants. That is the “link between immigration and insecurity” that he has just claimed he “will never make.” Does the right half of his brain know what his left half is doing?

The rape and murder of a 12-year-old French schoolgirl, Lola Daviet, by Algerian immigrants, who when they were done with her slit her throat, and then stuffed her body in a suitcase, led to an outcry in France, and Macron felt compelled to make a statement.

Macron is under severe pressure after the murder, with a number of leading opposition politicians laying the blame for the murder at his feet and pointing to his abysmal record on deportations. Macron previously promised in 2020 that he was aiming for a 100 percent deportation rate. That rate currently hovers under 6 percent, and in the case of Algerians, it is 0.2 percent.

How does Macron live with himself? In 2020, he promised a 100% deportation rate of foreign (again, read “maghrebin”) criminals, once they completed their sentences, back to their countries of origin. Two years have gone by, and instead of that promised 100%, only 6% of such freed prisoners have been expelled. And when it comes to the largest, and most dangerous group of foreigners, those from Algeria, the rate of expulsion is a pitiful 0.2 percent. In other words, only one out of every 500 Algerians eligible for expulsion has actually been expelled. How does Macron sleep at night, knowing that it is his failure to act that makes such things as Lola’s rape and murder possible?

Despite growing anger, Macron is pushing a plan to send more migrants to the countryside, a move that is overwhelming rejected by the French public there. He also said in February of this year that migration from Africa and the Middle East “can make France greater.”

Sending migrants – Muslim migrants – to the French countryside simply spreads the virus of Islam throughout the Hexagon. Muslim families can, in the increased lebensraum that rural France provides, have even bigger families. They can prey on the rural French, conduct da’wah among a naïve and vulnerable population, build mosques where there were none. This is Macron’s answer? Not to deport Muslims, but to spread them throughout the country? It’s madness.

And his remark that migration from the Middle East and North Africa – clearly meaning Muslim migration – “can make France greater” is that of someone unhinged. I don’t know which is worse: that he really believes such a claim, or that he doesn’t but makes it anyway.

Here is the statement he made at the opening of the Forum for Mediterranean Peoples that was held earlier this year in Marseille:

My message to all the children of the Republic is that regardless of the history of their family, when they cross the sea, they can give fantastic things to France, and this is an opportunity to make France greater. Our diasporas, our dual citizens, are a fantastic fortune for France, and we need to help them succeed, including those from the other side of the Mediterranean.

Do any of the indigenous French believe that the Muslim immigrants, legal or legal, citizens or non-citizens, have made France “greater”? Is France “greater” because of those who commit crimes at seven times the rate of the French? Is France “greater” because young girls are raped and murdered by Muslim migrants? Is France “greater” now that cartoonists are shot to death, visitors to the Bataclan nightclub in Paris are gunned down, pedestrians in Nice run down by a truck? Is France “greater” because a rabbi and three small children were murdered outside a Jewish school in Toulouse? Or because a priest was decapitated while saying Mass at the altar in Normandy? Is France “made greater” because two elderly Jewish ladies were murdered by Muslim young men whom they had befriended?

Have Muslim immigrants made “France greater” because of the beheading of Samuel Paty, and threats to schoolteachers have shut down any discussion that “might” offend Muslim children and their parents?

Are Muslims a “fantastic fortune for France“ when they absorb so much of the welfare budget – free or subsidized housing, free medical care, free education, family allowances, unemployment payments even if they were never employed – leaving much less for the indigenous French poor? Are Muslims a “fantastic fortune for France” when they make up 70% of the French prison population, with each one costing the state $75,000 USD annually? Does Macron think the Muslim migrants who are wholly responsible for the 91% increase in murders since 200 have been a “fantastic fortune for France”?

On top of inflation and growing unrest, the issue of immigration is turning political opinion against the French leader. As in the past, such as following the beheading of French history teacher Samuel Paty by a Chechen Islamist teen, Macron has put forward a number of “reforms” to assuage public anger, but many of the proposals were never enforced or have done little to disrupt France’s issues with insecurity, including a 91 percent increase in murders since 2000.

This time around, Macron claims he wants “in-depth reform” and a “debate in parliament on immigration.”

Demographic replacement accelerates in France. New data shows more than two-fifths of young children in France are immigrants or the children or grandchildren of immigrants.

Those 40% of young children who are “immigrants” or the “children or grandchildren” of immigrants are overwhelmingly Muslim. In 20 years, 40% of the 20-year-olds in France will be Muslims; 20 years after that, if Muslim families remain as large as they are today, France will be a majority-Muslim country. Will that be a “fantastic fortune for France”? Is that what Emanuel Macron would like as his legacy to be – the islamization of his own country?

“We must reform our laws in depth to be able to better welcome those we want to welcome,” he said during the Europe 2 interview. He offered little in terms of how he plans to address problems with integration and the country’s inability to deport criminal migrants.

Apparently, among those Macron “wants to welcome” are North African Muslims. He has said so himself, in explicitly rejecting — despite all the evidence to the contrary — any link between crime and illegal (Muslim) immigration. Most Frenchman do not want to make the country able to “better welcome” any Muslim migrants. They want the welcome mat rolled up and put away, instead, for such migrants. Experience has taught the indigenous French what Macron is determined to ignore: that the large-scale presence of Muslims in France has created a situation that is more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous, for the indigenous non-Muslims, than would be the case without that large-scale presence. He lives a cosseted existence, protected by his security detail, living in luxury far from any Muslim neighborhoods; he lacks the empathetic imagination and cannot comprehend how ordinary French people are suffering from this Muslim invasion; he’s not suffering, so things must be okay.

However, Macron’s admission that illegal migrants or migrants awaiting asylum are responsible for half the crime in Paris is supported by data. The recently retired Paris chief of police, Didier Lallement, made assertions just this month, writing in his new book that “one out of every two crimes is committed by a foreigner, who are often in the country illegally… It is clear that some of the newcomers are integrating through delinquency.”

Macron has failed completely in dealing with the Muslim threat. In running for president, he promised to expel 100% of foreign-born criminals after they had served their sentences. Instead fewer than 6% have been expelled, and for the foreigners most guilty of violent crimes –the Algerians — only one out of every 500 eligible for expulsion has actually left the country. What explains this colossal failure?

Why does Macron insult the French, who know better, by claiming that immigrants (meaning “Muslim immigrants) are “a fantastic fortune for France”? If Macron cannot bear too much reality, he ought to resign and let someone else – Gerald Darmanin, his Minister, of the Interior comes to mind – take on the task of undoing the damage that Macron and other members of the heedless French elite have done to the country in letting so many Muslims, legal and illegal, into the country. Macron speaks glowingly of the benefits of (Muslim) immigration to France, and wants to “welcome” those immigrants. He has not cracked down on the fraudulent abuse of the welfare system by Muslims, who are leaching the state in every way they can. He has yet to admit that there are dozens of “No-Go” neighborhoods throughout the country, where Infidels are not welcome, and where even the police and firemen have to enter with a security detail. He has not enforced the laws which enforce laicism. Instead, he’s a Pollyanna spreading the Good News that immigrants are a “fantastic fortune” for France.

Darmanin is made of sterner stuff.

For example, in France, pupils are forbidden to wear religious garb in state schools, but many Muslim students ignore that rule. Macron has said nothing. Minister of the Interior Darmanin has pledged to strictly enforce the law on school dress. Darmanin is also responsible for the law that now allows the French state to condemn and remove from their posts imams who speak out against caricatures deemed insulting to Islam. And any foreigners, whether imams or not, who speak out against such caricatures will also be subject to deportation.

Darmanin has not hesitated to order the expulsion, either, of imams who have been found guilty of antisemitic rhetoric, and promises to expel many more. Here are some other moves he has taken against mosques and imams deemed dangerous to the Republic:

Following the murder of Samuel Paty by an Islamic terrorist in October 2020, Darmanin announced a large police sweep against several individuals. He also ordered the closing of the Pantin mosque in the Parisian suburb Seine-Saint-Denis after it re-broadcast a video containing false allegations about Paty. Darmanin subsequently ordered the dissolution of other associations with ties to radical Islam and deemed “separatist.”

In response to the 2020 Nice stabbing committed by a Tunisian migrant, Darmanin negotiated deportation procedures with Tunisia.

In February 2020, Darmanin sponsored a bill that French lawmakers said they hope would uproot radical Islam in France. Darmanin said the aim of the bill is to stop “an Islamist hostile takeover targeting Muslims.”In March 2021, Darmanin went to court to prevent the building of a new mosque in Strasbourg, arguing dark money [i.e. from Islamists abroad] was involved in the project. In 2022, Darmanin closed the Islamic website La Voie Droite using the 2021 legislation. Also based on that legislation, he filed a successive objection against the city of Grenoble’s decision to allow the use of body-covering “burkini” bathing suits for women in municipal pools in May 2022.

Darmanin does not believe that Muslim immigrants are a “fantastic fortune” for France. He clearly recognizes that their presence has done damage to the once-free society of France. He wants strict enforcement of the laws of the laic state against those who are already in France. He has not hesitated to expel imams who preach jihadism and spread antisemitism. Darmanin has shut down mosques where such sentiments are spread; he has closed Muslim websites where Muslim supremacism is routinely expressed. Should he succeed Macron, there will be no more vacuous talk from the Elysée about the “fantastic fortune” that France gains from all these Muslims. Macron will end his second, and last, term as president in May 2027. Let’s hope that France can survive his incompetence.

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