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Lefties Blame Kavanaugh for Execution of Brutal Killer

Lefties Blame Kavanaugh for Execution of Brutal Killer
By Daniel Greenfield

Charles Rhines was executed. Nearly every death penalty case gets the full-court press from pro-crime lefties. And Rhines was no exception. Even now that he’s dead, lefties insist that the vicious killer was a victim of bigotry.

Rhines murdered Donnivan Schaefer, the 22-year-old employee of a doughnut shop, who caught him robbing the place. He gleefully confessed to it and described the murder in gruesome detail.

His arrogant and cold-blooded attitude toward his offense was made shockingly apparent in his own words and in his own voice. Rhines described the stabbing of Schaeffer in chilling, clinical detail. He told about Schaeffer “thrashing” and “screaming” after the first stab wound. He said air whistled out of the wound in Schaeffer’s back, and called it a “sucking back wound.”

As to the final death blow, Rhines remarked: “Sat him down and put him basically, his head between his legs and applied the knife to the back of the neck where the skull joins the spinal column. Right in the joint at the spinal column. In kind of upward, up and in…. Attempted to reach the small brain…” Then Rhines told the officers, “…he was still breathing, I didn’t know what I had. I’ve never stabbed anybody to death. I’ve never stabbed anybody, period. You guys seen anybody get stabbed to death? Know what it takes? Quit fighting very quickly, but, you don’t die very quickly.”

When the officers told Rhines that a pathologist had suggested Schaeffer might have been tied up before the last stab wound, Rhines stated, “Too bad he wasn’t there. To watch.” Then Rhines burst into laughter. In explaining Schaeffer’s movements after the last wound, Rhines drew an analogy to butchered chickens.

What kind of people would defend this monster? The Left.

Anti-gay prejudice may have driven jurors to sentence a man to death. His execution is today. – Vox

A Jury May Have Sentenced a Man to Death Because He’s Gay – New York Times

Supreme Court rejects death row appeal over anti-gay jurors – NBC News

The Man ‘Sentenced to Death For Being Gay’ Will Be Executed Today – Out

That’s right, Rhines was sentenced to death for being gay. That’s why police arrested him. For being gay. Not for stabbing a man to death after tying him up. Or laughing while retelling the story. But for being gay.

Vox goes one step further by connecting the case to Brett Kavanaugh.

Rhines’s fate, moreover, was likely sealed last April, when the Supreme Court turned aside a petition raising the evidence that jurors were motivated by Rhines’s sexual orientation. That decision not to hear the case came a little less than a year after Justice Anthony Kennedy, who often voted with his liberal colleagues in gay rights cases and in death penalty decisions, left the Court to be replaced by the conservative stalwart Brett Kavanaugh.

I doubt even Justice Kennedy would have rushed off to help Rhines out.

Rhines ambushed him, stabbing him in the stomach. Bleeding from his wound, Schaeffer begged to be taken to a hospital, vowing to keep silent about the crime; instead, he was forced into a storeroom, tied up and stabbed to death.

Steve Allender, a Rapid City police detective at the time of the killing who is now the city’s mayor, said Rhines’ jury sentenced him to death partly because of Rhines’ “chilling laughter” as he described Schaeffer’s death spasms.

“I watched the jury as they listened to the confession of Charles Rhines on audiotape and their reaction to his confession was appropriate. Any human being would be repulsed by the things he said and the way he said them,” Allender told KELO.

Any human being. Not a leftist.

There are two questions here.

1. Why does the Left fight for monsters?

2. Why does the Left commit monstrous acts?

They’re the same question and the answer is obvious. The Left is Stalin, it’s Pol Pot, and it’s Charles Rhines.

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