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Left Violence and the Equivalency Lie

Left Violence and the Equivalency Lie
By Don Feder

When they deign to acknowledge the goon-squad tactics of the so-called resistance, the media will try to create a false equivalency, claiming there’s violence on both sides, which is like saying there was the Holocaust, and then there were Jews who said mean things about the National Socialists.

At the 2017 inauguration, the left controlled the streets in our nation’s capital. Reports of violence against Trump supporters were legion. Since then, it’s been a three-year mugging. The latest example of the left’s contempt for free expression and a civilized debate took place on December 5, at the Mason, Michigan High School.

Sadie Earegood, a 16-year-old junior, says a male teacher assaulted her and ripped a Women for Trump button off her shirt, after telling her he didn’t like the message. How dare she hold views of which he didn’t approve!

The teacher hasn’t been in school since the incident and police are investigating an assault complaint filed by the student’s parents.

This goes on almost daily in the land of the free. Trump supporters are shoved, punched, kicked, knocked down and silenced. Sometimes, they’re sent to the hospital, like independent journalist Andy Ngo, who suffered serious head injuries after being attacked by a Portland, Oregon mob in June. Funny how the worst of the violence always seems to happen in cities controlled by Democrats.

After the Jersey City murders, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced his police force was setting up a special unit to investigate “far-right” violence. Very crafty of these white supremacists to change their race and call themselves Black Jewish Israelites before killing Orthodox Jews at a kosher market.

To check the validity of the both-sides thesis, ask yourself:

1. When was the last time a liberal speaker was shouted down on a college campus or anywhere else?

2. Are you more likely to be a target wearing a MAGA hat in Manhattan or a Biden button in Tupelo, Miss.?

3. When was the last time a conservative congressman told his supporters to harass prominent Democrats in public places – like driving them out of restaurants where they’re dining?

The both-sides-are-doing-it argument falls flat on its face.

Violence has been an integral part of the left as long as there’s been a left – the Reign of Terror, the Vendee, the Bolshevik Revolution (the PRC, Cuba and North Korea, Venezuela), the Brown Shirts, the Killing Fields, SDS, the Progressive Labor Party, the Black Panthers, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. As done by the Pelosi gang, impeachment is a form of political violence – like a coup in a banana republic.

Even their favorite symbol – the clenched fist – is an explicit threat. A fist isn’t used for negotiating or framing arguments. It’s for beating, smashing and intimidating. (Do this or else.)

Robespierre said you can’t make an omelet (or a revolution) without breaking eggs. The omelet is theirs. The eggs are us.

The next election is less than 11 months away. There must be a way to get this across to the somnolent masses: Is this the country you want? When you wake up in a cattle car, it will be too late.

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