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Leading Massachusetts GOP candidate for Governor, Geoff Diehl, proclaims his support for the LGBT movement

Leading Massachusetts GOP candidate for Governor, Geoff Diehl, proclaims his support for the LGBT movement, thumbing his nose at conservatives in party
Ignores parental outrage over aggressive LGBT push targeting state’s schoolchildren – and “cancel culture” for those who don’t toe the line at work.
Gives gushing speech at homosexual “Log Cabin Republican” meeting, which includes vicious attack on Pastor Scott Lively.
Standing up for the LGBT movement is “the right thing to do,” Diehl says.

Across the country, the LGBT movement is pushing aggressive homosexual propaganda and transgender “counseling” in elementary schools, graphic sexual children’s books in libraries, and militant “gay pride” policies in businesses and government. Families are frightened and distraught, and looking to their political leaders for help.

In Florida, the Republican Governor is confronting that agenda. But in Massachusetts, the leading Republican Governor hopeful is doing the opposite – he’s arrogantly made it clear that he supports it.

Former State Rep. Geoff Diehl is the leading GOP candidate for Governor in the fall elections. He has successfully courted conservative GOP activists to support him in the state GOP convention later this month and in the Republican primary in September. They obviously haven’t been paying close attention to his core beliefs.

The “Log Cabin Republicans” are a national LGBT organization with state chapters across the country. Their focus is aggressively pushing the LGBT agenda into the Republican Party – and into society in general, often using lawsuits and intense lobbying. One of their tactics is to publicly demonize any Republican who disagrees with their goals.

On Feb. 14, 2022, Diehl spoke before the Log Cabin Republicans of Greater Boston. Recently, he posted the video of his speech on his campaign’s official YouTube channel. (Video is also posted above.)

Attack on Scott Lively – and more

At the meeting, Diehl was introduced by Alex Hagerty, a young openly homosexual Abington selectman. Hagerty began with a vulgar attack on conservative Pastor Scott Lively, who ran for Governor in 2018:

“For some of you who don’t know, Dr. Scott Lively is one of the most bigoted, homophobic, and frankly racist pieces of sh-t you can ever imagine.”

Hagerty described how Lively had shown up at a Diehl rally at a hall in Abington in 2018 – and that he witnessed Diehl throw Lively out of the event. Hagerty quoted Diehl telling Lively:

“You know you weren’t invited, right? You know I don’t support your candidacy, right? I have some serious issues with your campaign. Not only that, your history with the gay community. My friend Alex here is gay. And you have done things to hurt people like him. Get out!”

Then Diehl got up to speak. He was unfazed by Hagerty’s crude language and did not deny anything in the story as told. Instead, Diehl went on to speak about his unwavering support for the LGBT movement.

“When you serve in office and when you run for office you’re not going to make everybody happy. And sometimes that’s OK. Because when you stand for something, integrity…it’s the right thing in your heart to do.

What the Log Cabin party reminds me of, of course, is the fight for equality, the fight for freedom.

Having your support, and coming here tonight to talk to you folks to hear what’s important to you – I really appreciate that.”

Diehl also talked about the business he and his wife own: a performing arts academy that attracts many “gay” kids. Diehl said that he makes it a point to support those kids when they choose to “come out” as homosexual, and that Hagerty was one of those kids.

Are the parents involved with these “decisions” that Diehl supports? Are these kids told the truth about lifestyle, and where it leads? Does Diehl even care?

Diehl’s attitude toward religious conservatives

The most frightening part of this speech was Diehl’s attitude toward anyone critical of that agenda, particularly religious conservatives. He clearly had no problem with Hagerty describing Pastor Scott Lively as “one of the most bigoted, homophobic, and frankly racist pieces of sh-t you can ever imagine.” In fact, one can see from Diehl’s demeanor that he agreed.

But it gets more disturbing. Pastor Lively says that the incident at the rally never happened – that Hagerty made it up and Diehl went along with it to impress the crowd of homosexuals. Here’s what Lively said:

“That story about me is pure invention — total fantasy. In fact, Geoff Diehl was always pleasant to me in person, which I suspected wasn’t entirely sincere, but politicians are politicians. He never openly criticized my pro-family views to my face. And Hagerty is just a liar.”

Is this what we want from a Republican Governor?

The upcoming Governor’s race

Diehl’s opponent for the Republican nomination for Governor is Chris Doughty, a wealthy businessman, who is running on a platform of making it affordable for the average person to live in Massachusetts. As far as we can tell, he has not discussed this issue. Doughty needs to get at least 15% of the vote of the delegates in the May 21 State GOP convention to be in the September primary.

The likely Democrat candidate for Governor is Maura Healy, the current Attorney General. Healy is very open about her positions: she is a radical lesbian activist who has aggressively pushed that agenda in Massachusetts. She has also wasted money suing President Trump dozens of times.

Final thoughts

Just last month, parents in Ludlow, MA, filed a lawsuit in federal court against their school system for secretly counseling their middle children to become “transgender.” Conservatives in Massachusetts are extremely distraught over the radical programs being pushed on their children and grandchildren by their government. That’s why Scott Lively got so much support in 2018.

The question is: Are those Republican activists in Massachusetts paying enough attention to the current race for Governor? We’ll see.

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