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King Charles Leads a Confused Joe Biden Around at UK Ceremony

King Charles Leads a Confused Joe Biden Around at UK Ceremony
Dazed and confused at Windsor Castle.
By Robert Spencer

Two hundred and forty-seven years after the Colonials threw off the tyranny of Mad King George, an English king met a dazed and confused president of the United States at Windsor Castle, kindly led him around, and gently reminded him of what he ought to be doing. Old Joe Biden, the putative president, gave King Charles III a hint of what things might have been like if Washington had been the one surrendering at Yorktown instead of Cornwallis. And the world was treated once again to the spectacle of the ostensible leader of the free world being obviously befuddled and unable to perform the most basic functions of his office.

Old Joe was in England on his way to the NATO summit this week, but he stopped off in England to chat with the king about the real problems the world faces, or rather, the imagined problems about which the Left is trying to gin up hysteria in order to advance its authoritarian agenda. The Associated Press reported Monday that the two figureheads “used their first meeting in those roles Monday to zero in on the generational challenge of climate change, prodding private companies to do more to bolster clean energy in developing countries.” Since talking to Old Joe is about as productive as talking to a horse, John Kerry was on hand to take care of any actual substantive discussion.

The meeting can only spell more trouble for the beleaguered citizens of both countries. They can look forward to higher taxes, more scarcity, and the demise of the internal combustion engine in pursuit of these fantasies.

Before that all-important conversation, however, the pair participated in what AP calls a “meticulously choreographed gathering at Windsor Castle” that supposedly “injected substance into the type of encounter between president and monarch that historically has been more about ceremony.” But Old Joe wasn’t up to this any more than he was up for a high-level discussion about how to squeeze the peasants even more comprehensively than they’re already being squeezed in order to pay for electric cars and other features of China’s coming global economic hegemony.

As Breitbart noted Monday, and as can be seen clearly in a video that went viral, President Dementia “appeared transfixed for a moment when he received a traditional sword salute presenting of arms from an officer of the Guards at the end of one of the lines of soldiers in the guard of honour, leaving Britain’s King Charles having to work to regain the President’s attention. Appearing confused, or even consciously ignoring Charles III, Biden seemed to be trying to engage the guardsman in conversation.” Maybe he was offering a lucrative job on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company. But disaster was ultimately averted: “After a moment’s gesticulation and spoken remarks, the King appeared able to get the President moving in the right direction once again. In a break of protocol, after being shepherded away, President Biden threw his arm around King Charles’ back.” Old Joe was likely overwhelmed with gratitude for the king not leaving him there in the grip of his dementia fog.

Buckingham Palace graciously went into damage control mode. People magazine reported Monday that “a Buckingham Palace source confirms King Charles was ‘entirely comfortable’ with Biden touching the monarch on the back. ‘What a wonderful symbol of warmth and affection it was between both the individuals and their nations,’ the source says.”

Must be nice. Old Joe Biden, one of the nastiest and most corrupt politicians on the planet, has everyone covering for him, from the establishment media to Merrick Garland to King Charles III. Old Joe is not as flummoxed as he appears to be, or his handlers aren’t, because instead of being impeached, removed from office, and publicly disgraced for his obvious influence-peddling through his crackhead son, he has the “Justice” Department covering for Hunter as well.

And so it’s good to be Old Joe Biden. He can spend his twilight years among the world’s high and mighty, plotting how they can secure their comfortable living on the backs of the less fortunate while hoodwinking them with blague and propaganda about climate change and so much else. If he forgets where he is and what he is doing in the middle of an official ceremony at Windsor Castle, King Charles III will personally ensure that his embarrassment before the world is minimized. Meanwhile, at home, Garland is busy fashioning a sweetheart deal for his son and framing his principal opponent for crimes he didn’t commit. Sure, Old Joe gets confused, but in the moments when he comes to himself, he must chuckle at how he has come to enjoy such a comfortable retirement.

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