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Joe Rogan And Hamas

Joe Rogan and Other Influencers Have Been Influenced by Hamas Propaganda

Joe Rogan and Other Influencers Have Been Influenced by Hamas Propaganda
Islam’s useful idiots.
By Larry Estavan

Those who said after the October 7 attacks that the international political and media focus will be on Israel’s response rather than on of the atrocities themselves hit the nail on the head. Joe Rogan is receiving mostly favorable publicity for accusing Israel of genocide after seeing a video of a drone attack on four people in Gaza. He made the comments between tokes on a marijuana cigarette during his The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Joe “nice leg-kick” Rogan is not a serious person. In the past, Genocide Joe has supported Ron “American deserved 911” Paul, and Bernie ”the Communist” Sanders.

In previous podcasts, Joe “Ohhhhh!” Rogan has reared back in his chair, screwed up his face and said that the subject of Israel is “nuts.” That is because he doesn’t know anything about the topic, and doesn’t want to learn. The psychedelic Joe Rogan has never had any member of the counter-jihad movement on his show. He hasn’t spoken with Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, etc. And he is not going to. In fact, he will have 9/11 Truther and Israel hater Abby Martin on repeatedly before he will ever put any defender of Israel on to talk about October 7 and Hamas.

Joe Rogan’s friend Alex Jones also believes that the drone video showing four people killed in Gaza is proof that Israel is not just guilty of genocide, but of mass genocide. Jones has made a career out of sensationalizing tragedy. Whether it was the claim that Jews were behind the 9/11 attacks, or that there were multiple gunmen involved in the Las Vegas shooting, or his notorious claims about the Sandy Hook school shooting, Jones will use other people’s misfortune to promote himself and his supplements, which as far as I know, only comedian John Oliver has purchased.

There are other names that could be added to the list of Hamas-influenced influencers, including Candace Owens, Mark Dice, and a host of others, some of whom even go so far as to praise Osama bin Laden and even Adolf Hitler.

Those of us who are made of sterner stuff know that Israel is not just fighting for itself, but for the rest of the free world as well. Israel should take as much time as its economy can bear and destroy Hamas. Meanwhile, here in the United States free people must begin to counter the influence of Hamasniks and their dupes.

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