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Jew Hatred Rising

Jew Hatred Rising
New Freedom Center ebook exposes hostile campus climate for Jewish students.
By Frontpage Editors

In a new ebook released today by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, author Richard L. Cravatts Ph.D. exposes the lies and misrepresentations of the pro-Palestinian movement on American campuses, revealing its true roots in the ancient animus of Jew hatred and the genocidal threat of Islamic supremacism.

The ebook is titled, Jew Hatred Rising: The perversities of the campus war against Israel and the Jews.

Cravatts describes in detail the hostile climate that BDS activists have created for Jewish students on campus who are accused of racism for supporting a Jewish state and denied equal participation in student affairs. He also parses the warped logic of pro-Palestinian activists who declare Israel to be illegitimate while championing the non-existent nation of “Palestine.”

“The notion of ‘two states living sides by side in peace,’ as the oft-repeated refrain goes, is, and always has been, of complete irrelevance to the Arabs,” writes Cravatts. “The creation of a new Arab state is not the sought-after goal; what is the actual goal is the extirpation of the Jewish one.”

Jew Hatred Rising can be read in full HERE.

Author Richard Cravatts, Ph.D., is available for quotes and interviews. He can be contacted at: [email protected].

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