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‘Islamophobic Hate Crime’ in Virginia Turns Out to Be Fake

‘Islamophobic Hate Crime’ in Virginia Turns Out to Be Fake
The victimhood currency is the easiest to counterfeit.
By Robert Spencer

Want power and influence? The quickest path to both in today’s absurd society is to be a victim, and hate crimes are the currency of victimhood. In such an environment, it is not surprising that many hate crimes would be faked. Despite the fact that this is a recurring phenomenon, however, every hate crime claim is taken at face value in the establishment media and blasted far and wide; when many are found to be fake, the lie has once again gone twice around the world before the truth has finished putting on its shoes. All this played out yet again over the last few days in a Virginia high school, with, of course, no lessons learned.

According to WJLA in Northern Virginia, a Muslim girl who is a sophomore at Fairfax High School claimed that last Tuesday, she was the victim of an “Islamophobic” attack. She and a purported eyewitness claimed that “several students made offensive drawings referencing Muslims, Jews, and George Floyd.” When they confronted these hate-filled, no doubt MAGA-hat-wearing white male offenders, the crude louts “made offensive comments and one got very close” to the Muslim girl.

According to that girl, mayhem ensued: “My backpack bumped into him, and then he got mad, and he pushed me, and he grabbed my hijab. So I punched him in the stomach because he wouldn’t let go. And he threw me across the room and I hit my whole left side on the chair and desk.” She claims that “she eventually wound up on the floor and had difficulty breathing.”

By her own account, the Muslim girl has been thoroughly traumatized. “I haven’t been able to eat, keep food down,” she told WUSA, “‘cause of the stress, and how, uh, disgusted I am that, uh, I had to go through this at my school where I should feel safe.” She said, however, that she was fighting for justice for every girl who wears the hijab. “It’s for every hijabi out there. Every Muslim girl, every Muslim person, every Muslim guy. It’s not, uh – it’s a daily thing that we go through, and people are trying to cover it up and make it look like, uh, an accident.” She also charged that “the school is trying to cover it up, and said I had a panic attack, which did not happen.”

Fairfax High School students were having none of this attempted cover-up. After all, they have been taught all their lives that, ever since 9/11, Muslims have been particular victims of discrimination, harassment, and hate crimes, and that only bigots and white supremacists would fail to stand in solidarity with them. And so they eagerly fell into line: around 350 Fairfax High students protested outside the school on Thursday morning, saying that they were angry not just over the “Islamophobic” attack but also the school’s response to it.

This was because the Muslim girl who said she was attacked claimed that “both she and the male student who allegedly pulled off her hijab were given one-day in-school suspensions and forced to serve them on Wednesday in the same room.” Why were the attacker and his victim given the same punishment? Fairfax school officials wouldn’t say, and Ibrahim Hooper of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), always ready to jump on any claim of an “Islamophobic hate crime,” fumed: “It is the responsibility of administrators and educators to ensure the safety of all students, and by allowing the suspected assailant to return to school – where he reportedly threatened more students – they have failed in that duty. This incident must be investigated as a possible hate crime by law enforcement, and the alleged assailant must be suspended while the investigation takes place.” A petition was started at, demanding that school administrators act more decisively in connection with this incident; as of this writing, it has more than 27,000 signatures.

It was a marvelous orgy of victimhood for everyone, but then the Fairfax Police Department brought it all to a screeching halt. WTOP reported Saturday that “a City of Fairfax Police Department investigation has determined that a physical altercation at Fairfax High School on Tuesday was not a hate crime. … The investigation revealed there were no racial comments made by either student,” according to police. The female student confirmed “her hijab became partially undone during the altercation, exposing her hair.” She also told police that the information posted on several social media sites, stating that racial comments were used during the altercation, were false.

Don’t be surprised. In reality, many of the most celebrated claims of harassment of women and girls wearing the hijab turned out to have been faked by the victims themselves. In one such incident, an eleven-year-old girl in Toronto made international headlines with her claim that a man had followed her and cut her hijab with scissors. After an investigation, police concluded that the attack never happened. Likewise, Yasmin Seweid, a Muslim teen, claimed in December 2016 that Trump supporters on a New York subway tore off her hijab and no one in the packed subway car helped her. She, too, garnered international media attention, and she, too, made up the whole thing. Shortly before that, a hijab-wearing Muslim student at San Diego State University also falsely claimed that she was assaulted by Trump supporters. In July 2017, a Muslim in Britain falsely claimed that a man had pulled off her hijab in a “race hate attack.” In November 2016, a University of Michigan Muslim student claimed she was “accosted by a white man who told her to remove her hijab or he would set her ablaze with a cigarette lighter.” She also fabricated the whole event.

There are many other incidents of this kind. And why not? Whenever a currency is created, it is counterfeited. The victimhood currency is the easiest to counterfeit of all the currencies in the world.

Robert Spencer is the director of Jihad Watch and a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

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