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Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands distributing literature against homosexuality

Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands distributing literature against homosexuality
By Julio Severo

Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands are doing what Christians schools would never think of doing: they are distributing anti-homosexuality literature which teaches students that Allah destroyed an entire people because of their homosexuality.

The material comes from the book “Help! I am Growing Up,” which is required reading for sex education in Islamic primary schools in the Netherlands. The children’s book was released by the Islamic organization ISBO for 44 different primary schools across the Netherlands.

Regarding the topic of homosexuality, the book says that “the prohibition in Islam is based on having intercourse with someone of the same sex.” The book also says that transgender people are cursed by Allah.

Journalists at Nederlandse Omroep Stichting reached out to the education authorities about the anti-homosexuality material contained within the book, and their response was as follows: “With regard to teaching materials, the inspectorate always looks at how this is applied in the context. These examples do not in themselves give cause to assume that legal limits are being exceeded.”

It is the common experience of Christians that when authorities find anti-homosexuality literature in Christian educational institutions the expected answer is that the literature exceeded the legal limits and it is banned. But Muslims are being treated very differently.

Earlier in 2019 in the United Kingdom, Muslims did what Christians have been unable to do for schoolchildren: They defeated a gay curriculum in a school.

The difference between the Christian view on homosexuality and the Islamic view on homosexuality is that while Christians clearly teach that homosexuality is condemned by God and offer help for people wishing to leave homosexuality, Muslims teach that homosexuality is condemned by Allan and, whenever Muslims are a majority, they severely punish homosexuals, including with torture and capital punishment. Such is the case in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Nevertheless, left-wing authorities in the West are tolerant to anti-homosexuality Islamic views and intolerant to anti-homosexuality Christians views.

Not only this, but while increasingly Christianity has been banned from schools in traditionally Christian nations, Islam is being increasingly taught and imposed on schoolchildren, even in the United States, the largest Protestant nation in the world.

Even when they are a majority, Christians have been unable not only to teach schoolchildren that homosexuality is harmful but also to repel homosexual indoctrination of their children.

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