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Is Hillary Running?

Is Hillary Running?
She just dropped a big hint about 2024.
By Robert Spencer

Will the third time be the charm for America’s angry abuela, Hillary Clinton? In the course of an interview about her bête noire, Donald Trump, and the testy dementia patient currently occupying the fake Oval Office, the always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride candidate threw in an odd non-sequitur about how she thinks that she herself is capable of performing the duties of the presidency. As Old Joe continues to falter, will we see Hillary 2024?

In an interview published Wednesday, Clinton spent most of her time criticizing Donald Trump, because obviously we haven’t had enough of her doing that. Trump can’t win in 2024, and in a classic case of projection, the woman who tried to frame him for colluding with Russia in order to win the presidency illegitimately added, “I always thought about him, if you follow him you can see it — he accuses people of things he himself is doing, it’s a form of psychological projection.”

Yeah, you could say that. Hillary Clinton knows all about projection. She demonstrated that anew as she continued, “I always thought his record in business in particular, but then as we saw him in politics and government, he was someone who cared nothing about rules. He cared nothing about the law.”

If that were true, it wouldn’t have been necessary to fabricate the Russian Collusion hoax, or make an impeachable offense out of a phone call, or fabricate the Jan. 6 “insurrection” hoax, or magnify misdemeanors into felonies to create a criminal offense for which Trump was indicted. If Trump really had contempt for the law, as Hillary claimed, he would already be in prison for things he had actually done, since there are so many powerful people who would love to see him behind bars. There would be no need for all the hoaxes and mountains made out of molehills.

America’s sweetheart went on to dismiss Trump’s chances for 2024: “But even if he gets the Republican nomination, he cannot, in my view, be re-elected president. I think more people are on to him and his behavior than they were before. He has a hard core of support that is likely to help him win the Republican nomination. But in a general election against President Biden, I do not believe he can win.” She didn’t say whether or not that would be true even without ballot harvesting and mail-in ballots and all the other modern-day ways to win elections.

While knocking Trump, Hillary also threw an elbow at Ron De Santis, saying he wouldn’t make it because he is “unproven. Nobody really outside of Florida knows very much about him, and in Florida, they’re watching him do crazy things.” That’s why people are flocking to move to Florida from all over the country. When Hillary says “crazy things,” she means “crazy” like protecting little kids from drag queens. Many, if not most, Americans want more of that kind of crazy.

But in Hillary’s dystopian vision, the Democrats are really our only choice. She said that she thinks Old Joe will coast to another four years of pretending to be president: “So I actually believe that President Biden will be re-elected regardless of who the Republican nominee is.” And this is where things get weird. Sky News says that at that point, “she dismissed suggestions Mr Biden, who is 80 years old, would be too old to be president.” Then: “‘I feel like I could do the job. I’m in my mid-70s,’ she added. ‘I think it really should be a matter of what he has done as president.’” Wait a minute. How’s that again?

This looks as if Clinton offered her own alleged ability to do the job as president in support of the claim that Joe Biden is able to do it. But she is both younger than Old Joe (by nearly five years) and hasn’t shown nearly as many public indications of dementia as he has. So what does her supposed ability to be president have to do with Biden’s?

Nothing, of course. What appears to be going on here is that Hillary is signaling that she can be a viable replacement for Biden if he finally gives up the pretense and retires to his taxpayer-funded, walled Delaware beach house. Will we see “I’m With Her One More Time” in 2024? Stranger things have happened. Move over, Kamala Harris! The original Cackler may be on her way to a startling comeback.

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Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons

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