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Inclusion of women and homosexuals has brought serious sex problems in the U.S. military

Inclusion of women and homosexuals has brought serious sex problems in the U.S. military
By Julio Severo

An expert on military issues contends the socialist experiments imposed on soldiers in recent years are a failure.

“The Defense Department’s attempts to reduce sexual assaults in the military have failed. Annual reports tracking numbers of actual assaults on women and men [reveal] that the problem is getting worse every year with no end in sight,” states a report by the independent Center for Military Readiness (CMR).

The conclusion is affirmed by the highest levels of command. Information about the cases come from the Pentagon’s Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office.

CMR said it’s “a disgrace that in a single year (2018), over 6,000 military men and women found it necessary to report sexual assaults.”

Young women have been victims of sexual male predators while young men have been victims of homosexual predators.

The fault is clear: “For decades, feminist social engineers, lawmakers, and high-level Pentagon officials promised that close combat assignments for women would reduce rates of sexual assaults. On the contrary, according to Defense Department data, the opposite has happened. LGBT advocates also have insisted that their agenda is working well…but…annual percentages of sexual assaults on military men, shows a disturbing trend. Social policies that have ignored or tried to redefine human sexuality are weakening discipline, trust, and the careers of many senior leaders,” the report said.

The inclusion of women with men in the military service has been a disaster not only in the United States, but in Israel too. Despite distribution of free contraception, the number of legal abortions among Israel female soldiers rose. In 2018, the Israel Defense Forces performed 1,000 abortions in its female soldiers.

So the cost of the inclusion of women with men in the Israeli military has been increased sexual activity among themselves and the sacrifice of 1,000 innocent babies in 2018.

There are other problems too. Women do not have the same sense of objectivity and direction men do in critical situations. On October 1, 2019, white female police officer Amber Guyger was found guilty of murder after she fatally shot her unarmed black neighbor. The killing happened after the female cop mistakenly went to the apartment of his neighbor, thinking that it was her apartment, and she thought that he had invaded it, when the reality was exactly the contrary.

For her misdirection, she had two wrong thoughts: She thought the apartment of his neighbor was hers, and it was not. She thought that his neighbor was armed, and he was not.

So why are women in the police and military forces? Because socialism puts them in these places. In socialism, everybody is equal. So if men are soldiers and cops, why not women too?

In the socialist military paradise, which is never a paradise in real life, women and homosexual are equal to real men.

The result, as it is common in socialism, has been a disaster.

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