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In Conference Call with Pastors, Trump Asked for Their Prayers to Face the Coronavirus Pandemic

In Conference Call with Pastors, Trump Asked for Their Prayers to Face the Coronavirus Pandemic
By Julio Severo

In a conference call not reported by the mainstream media, but reported by CBN, President Donald Trump, Vice President Pence and Secretary Ben Carson spoke to hundreds of pastors on March 22, 2020, with President Trump specifically asking them to pray for “stamina” and for the “health of our country.” Meanwhile, Vice President Pence commended pastors for the vital work churches are doing throughout this ordeal. “You’re putting hands and feet on your faith,” the vice-president told the pastors. Secretary Ben Carson, who is an Adventist, encouraged the group by saying, “God still has his hand on this nation.”

The Family Research Council organized the one-hour call and their president, Tony Perkins, led it. It was filled with prayers for Trump, Pence and Carson. During the call, Perkins prayed for the president, Pastor Carter Conlon from David Wilkerson’s Times Square Church in New York prayed for Vice President Pence and Paula White, who is a charismatic televangelist who serves as Trump’s special adviser, prayed for Secretary Ben Carson.

Vice President Pence told the pastors that he was inspired by so many churches abiding by the federal government’s guidelines. He appreciated how many churches were suspending church services out of an abundance of caution and appreciated the financial sacrifice involved considering they run their operations based on tithes and offerings. He said he would do his part to try and encourage Americans to continue to continue giving despite not being at service on Sunday morning. “We’ll help echo that from our briefings,” Pence told the pastors. “We will make a gentle reminder and encouragement to Americans to continue to support those ministries even if they’re not in the pews on Sunday morning.”

David Wilkerson, who founded Times Square Church, was known by his vocal prophetic sermons against America’s sins. I do not know if Carter Conlon, who has succeeded the late Wilkerson as the pastor of Times Square Church, talked to Trump about these sins and repentance. Two of these sins are abortion and homosexuality.

While, for respect to the government, churches are closed, Planned Parenthood and their abortion facilities are open, killing innocent babies. And in San Francisco, America’s gay capital, gay bathhouses are open.

Times of crisis are times for prayer and repentance. George Washington, the first U.S. president, understood such conception very well. He never asked national prayer without asking for national repentance.

If Washington’s America prayed and repented, why does Trump’s America pray without repenting?

How will Trump feel a need to repent, or encourage America repent, if pastors do not inform him about his sins and America’s sins?

When the Trump administration launched a global effort in 2019 to legalize homosexuality around the world, Tony Perkins did not rebuke the effort, but he tried to soften Trump’s sin.

Perkins and me, Julio Severo, were mentioned by The Advocated, the largest gay magazine in the world, about Trump’s gay effort. I cannot praise Perkins’ soft stance on Trump’s gay effort. But I can praise him for inviting Carter Conlon, who hopefully in the prophetic spirit of Wilkerson said to Trump that his global effort to legalize homosexuality around the world opens America to tragedies and crises. And coronavirus may be one of them.

Is it incompatible for pastors to warn presidents of their sins? In no way. Nathan, the prophet, was a friend of King David. When David committed adultery, Nathan did not let their friendship hinder God’s voice. When God told Nathan David sinned, Nathan obeyed God and warned David.

True friends, prophets and pastors do not spend their time praising a president. When necessary, they deliver God’s messages, even under the risk of losing a friendship. The mark of a real friendship is not continuous praise, but sincerity.

America and her president need right now utmost sincerity. As George Washington would have understood very well, it is time for America to pray and repent.

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