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‘I Am Kamala Harris. My Pronouns Are She and Her….’

‘I Am Kamala Harris. My Pronouns Are She and Her….’
Yes, it has come to this.
By Robert Spencer

Yes, it has come to this. History will record that the Vice President of the United States, a heartbeat away from leading what they used to call the free world, opened a meeting on July 26, 2022, by stating with the utmost seriousness: “I am Kamala Harris. My pronouns are ‘she’ and ‘her.’ I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.” She even looked down at her lapel as she said “wearing a –” and paused briefly as if to verify that the suit was still blue and hadn’t started to identify as gray or black while she wasn’t looking.

When we were kids in the 1960s and 1970s, we thought that by the 2020s, we’d be driving around in star cruisers and flying to the moon for dinner. Instead, we have to announce to a waiting world whether we are male, female, or something else altogether, and the color of our clothing.

Harris, of course, wasn’t being gratuitously ridiculous, or at least any more than she usually is. She was addressing a “Roundtable with Disability Advocates,” and everyone else who spoke also began by stating their pronouns and what they were wearing. This was apparently intended to be an attempt to make blind people feel more included; when Greg Price responded to this spectacle with “wtf lol,” Kendall Brown, who describes himself/herself (who knows these days?) as a “healthcare advocate fighting to defeat Republican supermajorities,” shot back: “It’s an event commemorating the Americans with Disabilities Act, you mean-spirited ghoul. Attendees decided to help blind participants feel more included by using visual language when introducing themselves. Straight up, there is no difference between the childhood bully mocking disabled kids on the playground and sh**ty dudes like @greg_price11 mocking disabled adults who are just trying to make the world a tiny bit friendlier for one another. How dead inside do you have to be to mock disabled people trying to be more inclusive of disabled people at an event for disabled people?”

Brown might have a case if all Harris had done was announce what color suit she was wearing, although it’s silly to think that blind people will feel more “included” if everyone begins speaking by announcing his or her choice of attire. There have been blind people throughout history, including some people of immense achievement (Homer, Galileo, John Milton, Jorge Luis Borges, Helen Keller, Andrea Bocelli, Ray Charles, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Stevie Wonder, and on and on), and I’m not aware of a single one in any time or place who ever said, “I sure would feel a lot more included if y’all would tell me what you were wearing.”

This was just silly pandering and virtue-signaling, and Harris’ adding in the pronouns made it even worse. Blind people can hear if someone is male or female, but not in the Left’s fantasy world, in which Rachel Levine and Caitlyn Jenner are women and they have to tell you so because it isn’t obvious just from hearing their voices. It was marginally reassuring that Harris acknowledged that she is a woman, but just by engaging in the act of doing so, she showed that she accepts the pervasive madness and thinks that it is altogether fitting and proper for a human being to preface his or her or xis remarks by announcing his or her or xis gender.

The video of Harris solemnly intoning that she was a woman wearing a blue suit was also reminiscent of some of her previous enunciations of the blazingly obvious, as when she said: “So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So basically, that’s wrong.” Basically. Harris, in fact, has a reputation for articulating things that others would never think were worth saying, as when she famously this, but about what is still unclear: “The significance of the passage of time, right? The significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time…there is such great significance to the passage of time.”

Yes, and to her (checks lapel) blue suit. Our age will be remembered as one of a peculiar society-wide flight from reality, and pronouncements such as Harris’ declaration of her gender and what she was wearing will stand as indications of how pervasive the fantasies really were. One day, we’ll wake up from all this, just as Salem woke up from the witch trial hysteria. Until then, Kamala Harris and other Leftists will continue their valiant war against facts that once were and will one day again be obvious.

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