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Honduran Migrants Kill, Try to Eat Bald Eagle

Honduran Migrants Kill, Try to Eat Bald Eagle
A symbol of what has happened to America.
By Daniel Greenfield

The Bald Eagle is a symbol of America. And this story is a symbol of what has happened to America.

Two men were charged with misdemeanors on Wednesday after they entered a private property in Nebraska, found a bald eagle perched on a tree and shot it at close range before hauling the large protected bird in their vehicle with the intent to eat it later, the authorities said.

The men, Ramiro Hernandez-Tziquin and Domingo Zetino-Hernandez, both 20, were charged with unlawful possession of an eagle, according to the Stanton County Sheriff’s Office. Though they apparently might not have known they had killed a bald eagle, the men, who are originally from Honduras and do not speak English, could face additional federal charges as officials investigate, the authorities said.

Mr. Hernandez-Tziquin and Mr. Zetino-Hernandez told the deputies that “they intended to take it home and cook it and eat it,”

The driver apparently also didn’t have a driver’s license which is typical of migrants and illegal aliens.

Nothing has been confirmed, but the two men are not American citizens, don’t speak English and are living marginally. Who kills eagles or vultures to eat them? It’s not exactly fine cuisine.

Another angle though is the growing presence of cartel members in wildlife areas in America.

As well as growing more common, the enterprise has become more organized. International drug cartels – made up largely of Mexican nationals – seem especially drawn to the bounty. And their harvests can be huge: last year, officials here seized the biggest stash of all, with 34,000 plants in five locations at an estimated street value of $140 million. Complicating the task for law enforcement is the strain on resources. Park budgets have tightened, and many of the available rangers have been shifted to more popular haunts.

“The most [visitors] used to worry about is running into a grizzly bear. Now there is the specter of violence by a masked alien toting an AK-47,” says David Barna, chief spokesman for the National Park Service (NPS). He and others say the problem is national, but most pronounced in California, Utah, and Arkansas, and in parks with international borders such as Big Bend in Texas and Glacier in Montana.

Dave wouldn’t call them aliens now.

Environmentalists used to oppose illegal migration because of the impact on the natural world, but these days all the wings of the Left are on the same page and cheering on the dismantling of America.

A bald eagle is just a bird, but there is something to symbols. Even if they’re random, we invest our mythology in them. But who can complain about undocumented Democrats killing birds and animals, when they’re killing Americans?

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