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Guns Don’t Kill People: Biden Voters Kill People

Guns Don’t Kill People: Biden Voters Kill People
By Daniel Greenfield

Democrats have an easy formula for dealing, or rather not dealing with crime.

1. Reduce crime to shootings

2. Reduce shootings to guns

3. Push gun control

Biden, a tired and creaky old Democrat hack, dusted off the same old formula in the face of a massive crime wave that encompasses everything from a carjacking surge to massive shoplifting to homicide rates doubling in some Democrat cities.

Biden, whose brain and rhetoric run on autopilot, dusted off the old cliches, “merchants of death” and “weapons of death”. Guns would do no good against the government if they were to come for you, he told Americans. A claim that’s bound to reassure anyone worried about that.

It ought to go without saying that the gun crackdown won’t apply to Hunter Biden who made almost as much of a mess of gun laws as he did of the laws for which the FBI is investigating him.

Or any other member of the Biden clan. Nor is it going to apply to the Biden voters who set off the surge of crimes when the police were defunded.

And the only remaining shell in Joe’s shotgun is offering summer jobs to gang members. An idea so excitingly innovative that every failed Democrat city has been doing it since doomsday. Maybe if summer jobs paid as much as drug dealing, they’d have a better shot.

Guns are not the issue. Biden voters are. Guns don’t kill people. Biden voters do.

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