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Governor Newsom Allows Manson Family Member Who Stabbed Woman 14 Times To Go

Gov. Newsom Allows Manson Family Member Who Stabbed Woman 14 Times To Go
“We started stabbing and cutting up the lady”
By Daniel Greenfield

California’s freeing a whole lot of criminals. Why not Manson family members?

Van Houten and another woman held down Rosemary LaBianca as Charles “Tex” Watson stabbed Leno LaBianca. After Watson stabbed Rosemary LaBianca, he handed Van Houten a knife. She testified to stabbing the woman at least 14 more times.

“And I took one of the knives, and Patricia had one a knife, and we started stabbing and cutting up the lady,” Van Houten testified in 1971.

In chilling detail, Van Houten described the killing of Rosemary LaBianca, who offered anything to have her life spared.

Gov. Newsom chose not to challenge Van Houten’s parole.

Gov. Gavin Newsom will not challenge a California appellate court’s decision to allow parole for Leslie Van Houten, moving the former follower of Charles Manson closer to release following more than 50 years behind bars.

What’s one more in the streets of California? And who remembers anyway except the families of the victims?

The LaBianca family expressed disappointment in the impending release.

“My family and I are heartbroken because we’re once again reminded of all the years that we have not had my father and my stepmother with us,” LaBianca’s daughter, Cory LaBianca, told the Associated Press Friday.

“My children and my grandchildren never got an opportunity to get to know either of them, which has been a huge void for my family,” the 75-year-old relative said.

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