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God Deposes Kings and Raises Up Others

God Deposes Kings and Raises Up Others
Perspective on the News
Thursday, October 20, 2016
J.L. Robb

I was riding down the highway last Friday, listening to the Herman Cain Show on talk-radio, when a caller said God had spoken to him about the upcoming national election in the United States. Hillary Clinton will be the winner.


Well, when I recovered, I carefully backed out of the woods and drove up the bank and back onto the highway. Fortunately, neither I nor the trees were injured. God was endorsing Hillary? No way. I listened further. Then it dawned on me that the caller did not say that God had endorsed a presidential candidate but had only named the winner.

As the conversation briefly went on, the caller quickly showed his disdain for anything not of the Democratic Party. He seemed especially disturbed about Donald Trump and his inability to say what people want to hear, at least many people. The Donald has not been groomed since adolescence to live in the world of international politics and corruption and favoritism and nepotism. He has not been groomed to say what the little people want to hear, but then ignore the people who put him in office.

I personally do not know what God’s involvement might be in the election process of the United States, or the election process in any country of our world for that matter. I do not know if God really spoke to the rabid caller but have my doubts. I do not believe that The Almighty is particularly pleased with any of our candidates.

Donald Trump, according to James Dobson and many other prominent Christians, is a Christian and should be elected, even though Mr. Trump said publicly that he never prayed for forgiveness. This is an oddity to Christians, because most Christians believe they sin daily and pray about it.

Since Christians do not hold the belief in animal sacrifice like many of our Jewish brethren believe even to this day, for the atonement of sin; we pray to God for forgiveness and believe that Jesus was and is the Messiah who was sent to the Jews in Judah to offer them eternal salvation since they had so much trouble keeping the Law of Moses. Jesus would offer himself as a blood sacrifice for their sins, a permanent atonement.

While most of the Jews of that day rejected the offer, thousands of Jews recognized Jesus as the Messiah and became followers. I suppose, to those Jews, seeing a dead person get up and start walking pretty much did it. This rejection by the mainstream Jewish population and led by the rabbis, turned out to be lucky for us, the non-Jewish. Because of that, Jesus’ grace and mercy was extended to anyone who would believe and acknowledge that he was who he said he was: The Messiah.

It was The Messiah who said that we all fall short in the eyes of God, that no one makes it to God’s Kingdom because of their extra-special works, even Mother Teresa, without God’s great forgiveness.

On the other hand, we have Hillary Clinton who has at least a thirty-year history in politics. She and her husband, the forty-second president of the United States, have been rubbing elbows with the movers and shakers in the national and international political arena, for what seems like forever. Her support for abortion at any time during pregnancy is well documented, as is her belief that the unborn have no rights. Additionally, she expects we-the-people to pay for it.

After this week’s leaks to the media of Clinton staff/support emails condemning Catholic and Evangelical beliefs as antiquated and stating the Church needs to modify its stand on gender recognition and lots of other stands, the citizens are forced to pay for the deaths of the truly innocent, those who have not even had an opportunity to sin.

This logic, of course, has been displayed since the US Supreme Court ruled that for the first time in the history of the world, men could marry men and enjoy whatever tax benefits that have traditionally been awarded to those who chose natural marriage. God refers to this behavior as abominable. That is not good.

Immediately after the SCOTUS ruling, Christian bakers were told that they would have to build wedding cakes and cater weddings for those who disagree with God and think He needs to lighten-up and get with the gender-recognition program. This is Hillary’s world; and it seems pretty Godless: Abortion anytime until birth; The unborn have no rights; Christianity needs to modify its beliefs for the benefit of the LGBTQ2R community; Blaming and belittling the multiple women that her husband victimized through his usurp of power.

If God was a Voter, this would be a hard one to call. Two people who seem to believe they are flawless. But have no doubt, God does have His hand in it; and in the rulers of all countries.

“Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his. He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning.” Daniel 2:20-21 NIV

When Satan and God decided on a contest concerning Job to see if Satan could get Job to reject God, Satan was given much leeway to take most any actions he deemed necessary, outside of death. Satan did not attempt to win Job’s affection with sweet talk and promises; he planned to gain Job’s rejection of The Almighty by making him miserable. Didn’t work.

Throughout Jewish history, when God was rejected or scorned, the Jews had a bad day. It is the same way with us today, Jew and non-Jew. America is stumbling all over itself by its rejection of God. It is my opinion that God is letting Satan determine the rulers today. God is giving him great leeway.

Franklin Graham sums it up nicely:

“Contrary to what one of the candidates said…our country isn’t great because we are good. America is great because God has blessed it. We need His favor to survive as a nation.”

I do not much think either candidate is showing God’s “favor.”

I think we are in big trouble.

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