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Global Warming Isn’t Killing People in Oregon: A Lack of Air Conditioning Is

Global Warming Isn’t Killing People in Oregon: A Lack of Air Conditioning Is
By Daniel Greenfield

Recently I rewatched Rear Window. The entire premise of the movie is that it takes place over the summer before air conditioning becomes widely available. As a result people sleep on fire escapes and have their windows open all the time making the premise of the movie possible.

That’s a reality that lefties seem to have forgotten about as they whine about global warming and call for an end to air conditioning.

When anything happens weatherwise, they rush to blame global warming. Or as they now call it, climate change.

The late June heat wave that scorched the Pacific Northwest, with triple-digit temperatures breaking records in multiple states, is now being blamed for nearly 100 deaths in Oregon, according to the state’s medical examiner office.

Except it’s currently only around 30.

The state medical examiner had reported 95 heat-related deaths as of Sunday –including 64 in Multnomah County, which includes Portland. The county medical examiner has determined 30 of those deaths were due to hyperthermia, or death by excessive heat.

Officials suspect the remaining 34 people died of the same cause but are still investigating.

Governor Kate Brown is virtue signaling.

“We have been working to prepare for climate change in this state for a number of years,” she said. “What was unprecedented, of course, was the three days of record-breaking heat, and it was horrific to see over 90 Oregonians lose their lives. And we have to continue with our preparedness work.”

There have been murderous hot summer temps throughout human history. And humanity has adapted to them in various ways. These days we don’t need to take siestas, or wear absurd clothing because we have air conditioning.

Heat doesn’t kill people, a lack of cooling does.

The ages of victims ranged from 44 to 97, and most were found in their home without air conditioning or fans.

Not exactly surprising.

Maybe Democrats should stop trying to ban air conditioning or trying to make it too expensive for most people to be able to afford.

Environmentalists keep killing people with heatstroke in Europe to save the planet. But it’s beginning to happen here too.

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