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Giving Low Ratings to Disney’s Black Little Mermaid Movie is ‘Ratings Terrorism’

Giving Low Ratings to Disney’s Black Little Mermaid Movie is ‘Ratings Terrorism’
Outwoking other entertainment companies.
By Bosch Fawstin

Disney, who thinks its job is to outwoke other entertainment companies, just released its black The Little Mermaid movie with mixed results. When it first announced that it had hired a black actress to play a very popular character who’s a red-haired white mermaid, they were mocked for trying to BLMify what is considered a classic animated family movie. They thought that they could dramatically depart from the original and still make a killing at the box office, without getting too much pushback. (And as with Islamic supremacists and their push to Islamize everything in sight, it’s always a one way street, as it is with leftist supremacists and their one way race-swapping.) Well, the box office receipts are in for the first weekend, and the film made less than had been projected, particularly overseas, where it appears that people appreciate Disney’s race swap even less than they do in America. And the leftist reaction to those who are giving it terrible online ratings overseas is as preposterous as the typical leftist reaction to anything. From a Deadline article:

Korea’s SBS News reported heading into the weekend that the film had been subject to “ratings terrorism” in an article whose title Korean entertainment website Zapzee translated to “Backlash Against ‘Black Mermaid’: Appearance Ridiculed, Ratings Drop on Day One.”

This is a case of the left’s condescending racism towards blacks. Leftists can’t simply accept that Disney released its latest mediocre movie, which audiences correctly identified as mediocre, and they feel the need to condemn people for not liking a movie that was used to push an agenda, instead of entertaining audiences by giving them a live-action version of the animated movie in which Ariel looks like Ariel, and in which there is no rap music (The schmuck who brought us the Broadway musical Hamilton, Lin Manuel-Miranda, who thought it was a great idea to make the Founding Fathers black, also thought it was a great idea to add a rap song to The Little Mermaid), and in which the heroes aren’t diminished based on gender: in the live action version, Prince Erik’s climactic heroic act is now given to Ariel. And so on.

And from what I gather, the actress playing Ariel is serviceable in the role, and she can sing, so she’s just an actress who took the job, but it’s the heads at Disney who hired her for “diversity” reasons. And speaking of those heads at Disney, I noticed the lack of “diversity” at the top of Disney and the studios they own, and called out the white supremacists.

Another aspect here is that the new Little Mermaid movie is a continuation of Hollywood’s “gingercide,” in which an incredible number of redhead characters are race-swapped with black actors in live action and animation. Here’s a visual example of what I call redheadism.

And even though “top” movie critics, as categorized by the online aggregator of movie and TV reviews, Rotten Tomatoes, have the movie as officially “rotten,” at 47%, nearly all of them feel the need to overpraise the black actress. It’s now a reliable thing for dishonest movie critics to roast movies, but always to overpraise their black leads, whether they’re good or not, as they recently did with actor Jonathan Majors in Ant-Man 3.

And so today’s moral lesson from immoral leftists is that if you don’t like the new Little Mermaid live-action version of their animated movie, and if you post a bad review of it online, or if you simply like that bad review, then you’re a “Ratings Terrorist.”

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