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Florida State Rep. Mike Hill Lynched by the Left-Wing Media

Florida State Rep. Mike Hill Lynched by the Left-Wing Media
By Julio Severo

Florida newspapers have lambasted Florida State Rep. Mike Hill for sharing one of my articles.

In the Pensacola News Journal, Andy Marlette quoted a tweet from Hill:

Mike Hill @MikeHillfl
Last Days Watchman: What Will America Gain by Making Sodomy Great?
12:21 PM – Jun 28, 2017

Last Days Watchman is my English blog.

Then Marlette commented:

One of Hill’s tweets shows the caption “What Will America Gain by Making Sodomy Great?” It linked to a bizarre blogpost that claims, “Only sick societies accepted homosexual abnormality, and they did not last long.” The blog then goes on to praise Russian authoritarian policies against gay citizens as superior to American inclusivity and freedom: “You are not free to treat gay ‘marriage’ as abnormal and criminally sick in the U.S…. In contrast, in Russia if you protest the abnormality of gay ‘marriage,’ especially in the Kremlin, you are not morally lynched; you are praised. You are free to treat gay ‘marriage’ as abnormal and criminally sick in Russia.”

Marlette committed a sin that all homosexualists commit: He has condemned Russia, the largest Christian Orthodox nation in the world, for its law protecting children from homosexual propaganda.

Essentially, the Russian law kills homosexual propaganda, but not homosexual propagandists, while Saudi Arabia, which kills homosexual propaganda and its propagandists, is spared of attacks and bullying (totally reserved to Russia) from the Big Left-Wing Media and their homosexualist accomplices.

Marlette added that “There are dozens upon dozens of similarly bizarre posts dating back years” as if my blog, Last Days Watchman, were some source of malignant, dark content. Very obviously, his complaint stems from the fact that he is moved by his left-wing bias.

In an article in the conservative website American Thinker, titled “Florida Rep. Mike Hill vs. the Gay Establishment,” author Eric Giunta contended that Hill has been attacked because he is conservative.

Another major Florida left-wing newspaper, the Orlando Sentinel, also attacked Hill, in its report “Mike Hill’s homophobia shows us why LGBT Pride Month is important,” for sharing my article, saying:

In 2017, Hill tweeted a link to a post on a blog called Last Days Watchman, which celebrated the idea that “you are free to treat gay ‘marriage’ as abnormal and criminally sick in Russia.”

Last Days Watchman: What Will America Gain by Making Sodomy Great?
— Mike Hill (@MikeHillfl) June 28, 2017

The Orlando Sentinel also attacked Hill for sharing a tweet from Franklin Graham, a Trump adviser and son of the internationally famous evangelist Billy Graham.

Not only major Florida newspapers hate my blog, but HotSpots, the most important homosexual magazine in Florida, gloatingly announced in 2017: “Creep of the Week: Brazilian Writer & Blogger Julio Severo.”

Gay magazines and websites, including Between The Lines News and Pride USA, in other parts of the U.S. also had their “Creep of the Week: Julio Severo.”

As to Florida State Rep. Hill, he was also attacked by The Advocate, the largest gay magazine in the world. Earlier this year, The Advocate also mentioned me, as I reported in my article “Largest U.S. Gay Magazine Furious Over Evangelical Protest Against U.S. Government Effort to Decriminalize Homosexuality Around the World.”

Hill was also targeted by the Right Wing Watch, which is a U.S. left-wing organization that has been targeting me for many years.

So in the left-wing ethics, politicians are free to praise and approve homosexualist laws, but they are not free to share Bible verses against homosexuality and to share Christian articles, from me or Graham, against this sin, because doing so is “homophobia.”

Protecting the homosexual sin in America today is more important than the Bible, which was the most important book in George Washington’s time, and more important than the free speech of Christians like me and Graham. No one is allowed to share my conservative articles without being attacked by the left-wing media.

In 2017 CNN attacked Judge Roy Moore just because he shared one of my articles against homosexuality.

By now, it is very clear: Politicians and judges in America cannot share my articles without being blacklisted by the left-wing media.

Much of the verbal violence of the media against conservative Christians happens because most politicians elected by conservatives are not actively opposing the verbal violence of the homosexual dictatorship. Often they are facilitating such dictatorship. So when a lone conservative politician as Hill does what most “conservative” politicans do not do, he is morally lynched. He cannot quote the Bible and its commands against homosexuality; he cannot share articles from me or Franklin Graham.

Is this the America that George Washington, who was an active Protestant, envisioned? Obviously, not. He expelled a soldier from his army for homosexuality. In today’s America, he would be expelled by the multitudes of worshippers and facilitators of homosexuality in the media and government.

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