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Finnish politician who shared a Bible verse on Facebook is investigated for “hate crime”

Finnish politician who shared a Bible verse on Facebook is investigated for “hate crime”
By Julio Severo

Police are investigating a Christian politician in Finland for an alleged “hate crime” because she shared a Bible verse on Facebook to criticize the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Finland (ELCF) for participating in LGBT Pride festivities. ELCF is a state church in Finland.

In the post, congresswoman Päivi Räsänen, a Christian Democrat, criticized the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for participating in the Helsinki LGBT Pride events in June. Her criticism included a picture of Romans 1:24-27 that describes same-sex relationships as “shameful.”

Because of her post, Räsänen is being investigated by the Finnish Police for a suspected incitement against sexual and gender minorities.

Räsänen, who is a member of and is married to a ELCF pastor, said, “How can the church’s doctrinal foundation, the Bible, be compatible with the lifting up of shame and sin as a subject of pride?”

The vast majority, 69 percent, of Finns are members of the ELCF, which has had a steady decline over the last few years.

In mid-August, the Finnish politician tweeted: “I am not concerned on my part, as I trust this will not move on to the prosecutor. However, I am concerned if quoting the Bible is considered even ‘slightly’ illegal. I hope this won’t lead to self-censorship among Christians. Rom. 1:24–27.”

Räsänen’s minority party holds five seats in the 200-seat Finnish Parliament. She is known for her defense of traditional Christian views on abortion and marriage, but after being called “homophobic,” the politician tweeted: “It is not right to label Christian conviction as phobia.”

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