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FACT CHECK: Media Falsely Claims Kanye West Admitted to Running Spoiler Campaign

FACT CHECK: Media Falsely Claims Kanye West Admitted to Running Spoiler Campaign
By Daniel Greenfield

We’re way post-bias or narrative here. The Obama era was bad. In the Trump era, the media is entirely focused on single mindedly pursuing political agendas with zero regard for any lies they tell along the way.

Interacting with the media has become like talking to a junkie who will tell any lie to get his fix.

Case #7014. The media is full of headlines that read like this. “Kanye West admits to spoiler campaign to hurt Biden”. This one comes from Mercury News, but there are a whole bunch.

You can see the problem in the opening paragraph.

Kanye West took some time out from his tropical vacation, where he’s reportedly struggling with bipolar disorder and working to save his marriage to Kim Kardashian, to text a business writer and “indicate” that he is indeed running a presidential campaign designed to take votes away from the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden.

Admits and indicates are not the same thing.

What’s all of this based on?

The anger at the Kardashian was prompted by West acknowledging to Randall Lane, the chief content officer and editor at Forbes, that he was leading a spoiler campaign. Lane exchanged texts with West after multiple reports showed that Republican and Trump-affiliated political operatives are trying to get the rapper onto various state ballots for November’s presidential election.

“West said that rather than running for president, he was ‘walking,’ quickly adding that he was ‘walking . . . to win,’” Lane reported.

Lane had pointed out that he had no chance of winning the election because he won’t be on enough ballots to earn 270 electoral votes. “I’m not going to argue with you,” West texted. “Jesus is King.”

10 billion pinnochios. That’s not an admission or even an indication.

If responding, “I’m not going with you” is an admission then a whole bunch of politicians and famous people have admitted to a lot of things over the years.

The media has spent a lot of time agonizing about fake news and its influence on the election. This is fake news in the purest political way. It’s an attempt to damage a political candidate by writing fake headlines that aren’t backed up by an actual story.

And the media types perpetrating this stuff are the same ones demanding that Facebook censor fake news… as long as it comes from conservative non-media outlets.

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