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Facebook Hired Minorities and Paid Them Not to Work

Facebook Hired Minorities and Paid Them Not to Work
“We were just sitting there”
By Daniel Greenfield

In the last 5 years, Big Tech firms came under heavy pressure to publicize the racial and gender demographics of their workforce and to improve their numbers. That’s hard when your workforce is mostly white, Asian and Indian. This story may shed some light on how Facebook went about improving its numbers.

Meta (Facebook), like other tech companies, went on a hiring bonanza during the pandemic, as it faced enormous demand for its products and services while people were stuck inside.

Meta said it had 44,942 employees on December 31, 2019. By the end of 2021, the company listed 71,970 employees in its annual report and wrote it “expect[ed] headcount growth to continue for the foreseeable future.”

Meta then said that 2023 was going to be a “year of efficiency” after laying off 11,000 people in November. The company announced more layoffs this week that will affect another 10,000 people.

Levy, 35, was hired through Meta’s “Sourcer Development Program,” which attempted to recruit workers from underrepresented backgrounds. Levy, who is Mexican-American, said after being hired she was not given any work to do. She was let go in the first round of layoffs in November.

“We were just sitting there,” she added in the video. “It kind of seemed that Meta was hiring people so other companies couldn’t have us.”

Or so Facebook could claim to be diverse. People were hired to be diverse with no actual work for them to do. And then they were the first to be fired as is usually the case.

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