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Ex-Secretary of Defense Spent More Time Protecting America’s Enemies Than America

Ex-Sec Def Spent More Time Protecting America’s Enemies Than America
By Daniel Greenfield

Contrary to what former Secretary of Defense Esper and guys like Mark Milley seem to think, it’s not their job to keep the president in line. They’re there to enact the policies of civilian elected officials. If they don’t agree with those policies, they have a right to refuse and to resign. Instead we get yet another memoir full of stories from guys who were being paid to protect America, but instead seemed to spend much of their time protecting the enemy.

Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper told CBS in an interview broadcast Sunday he helped prevent a series of “dangerous things that could have taken the country in a dark direction” during his time in the Trump administration.

Driving the news: When CBS’ Norah O’Donnell asked Esper during the “60 Minutes” interview for examples, he cited a proposal to “take military action against Venezuela,” to “strike Iran” and, “at one point, somebody proposed we blockade Cuba.”


Those are options that POTUS has at his disposal. We could discuss the whole issue of authorization of the use of force, but that’s not Esper’s issue. He assumes that these were all terrible ideas and that it was his job to obstruct him. A job that no one had elected him to do.

This is the same guy who is equally baffled and horrified by the idea of taking out drug labs in Mexico or using the military to protect the border.

If only Esper had spent as much time laboring to protect America as he did wearing his shocked face at the idea that Trump might actually want to put some of his campaign proposals into action.

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