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All the Evidence You Need for Why Southern Poverty Law Center Is Not Credible

All the Evidence You Need for Why Southern Poverty Law Center Is Not Credible
By Tony Perkins

Ten years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center declared its mission to destroy the groups it opposes, groups that now include mainstream conservative and Judeo-Christian organizations. While the SPLC’s methods to accomplish its mission are well known (false and defamatory attacks that have inspired violence) there remains much about the SPLC that has gone mostly unreported — until now. In recent weeks, the truth about the discredited SPLC began spreading across the country in media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Fox News, Daily Signal, PJ Media, Washington Free Beacon, and even in the New York Times and PBS. Regional news outlets like the Colorado Springs Gazette and the Cincinnati Inquirer are also weighing in. Reporters and financial analysts alike are expressing surprise upon learning about the SPLC’s practice of stashing tens of millions of dollars in offshore accounts.

The SPLC’s efforts to censor conservative speech on college campuses is receiving renewed attention after retired Vanderbilt professor Carol Swain wrote a Wall Street Journal column explaining how the SPLC’s smears impacted her career. After 47 conservative movement leaders released an open letter calling on the media to avoid using the SPLC’s discredited data, media outlets are recognizing the need to give the SPLC fresh scrutiny. A Colorado Springs Gazette editorial calls out the SPLC’s carelessness — noting the SPLC had labeled a Colorado host ‘anti-Semitic’…but unbeknownst to the SPLC, the man was Jewish and lost relatives in the Holocaust.” A Cincinnati Enquirer column published today refers to the SPLC as a “scam.”

PBS’s Bob Garfield said on Sunday that he had always assumed the SPLC was “free of any bias” but now wonders “if my trust has been misplaced.” The host went further asking whether the SPLC is now viewed as “being opportunists exploiting our political miseries…” Even the New York Times published a column questioning the trustworthiness of the SPLC. I could go on listing article after article exposing the truth about the SPLC — but there is now a website that does that for you: This is a website that FRC and other conservative organizations have supported which shows what is being said about the SPLC not just on the Right, but on the Left, in the media and by government entities including the FBI, the DOJ and the U.S. Army. Please share on your favorite social media platforms and be sure to refer others to it — especially when you see the SPLC cited as any kind of credible source.

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