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Everyone Should Remember the Holocaust

Everyone Should Remember the Holocaust
By Julio Severo

The Holocaust, which was perpetrated by Nazi Germany against over 6,000,000 Jews, who were monstrously abused, tortured and slaughtered, is a genocidal crime that should be remembered by all nations.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day happens every 27 January as a memory that on 27 January 1945, Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration and death camp, was liberated by the Red Army from the Soviet Union. While the Nazi Army destroyed Jews, the Red Army had many Jewish soldiers that helped liberate German Jews.

Jews are correct to point that the Nazi genocide against them should never be forgotten.

Christians — both Catholics and Protestants — should remember because the largest Holocaust against the Jews happened exactly in a Christian nation, Nazi Germany, which was about 50% Catholic and 50% Protestant, especially Lutheran. Even though a minority of courageous Catholics (including Claus von Stauffenberg) and Protestants (including Lutheran minister Dietrich Bonhoeffer) opposed Hitler and even tried to kill him, most German Protestants and Catholics supported Hitler, who was nominally Catholic.

Some wicked Christian traditions helped Hitler in his campaign to perpetrate the Holocaust. Catholics have a tradition, in words and actions, of anti-Semitism, especially through the Inquisition. Protestants have a tradition of anti-Semitic words of Martin Luther, even though Protestants, especially in the United States — the largest Protestant nation in the world — have a tradition of fight against anti-Semitism. In fact, the U.S. fight against anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and the Inquisition is the most important fight the world ever saw.

Right-wingers and left-wingers should remember because the largest Holocaust against the Jews happened exactly in a nation, Nazi Germany, which used right-wing and left-wing imageries in its campaign against the Jews, even though the predominant imagery was right-wing and Hitler had a clearly anti-Marxist speech, which drew Catholics and Protestants.

Most Jews who were exterminated by the Nazis in the Holocaust were socialist. In fact, the founder of Marxism was a German Jew, a descendant of rabbis. The few Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were also Marxist and they founded the State of Israel.

Hitler wanted to exterminate the Jews because he thought they were an inferior race and because they were Marxist. His “solution,” the Holocaust, was genocide.

Nazis hated the Jews because they thought that they were an inferior race or because most Jews were socialist. Others hate the Jews because a minority of them are capitalist tycoons.

Yet, the Holocaust is not a past threat. Its modern advocacy or revisionism or denial brings new threats. And this threat is especially today among Muslims.

Muslims should remember the Holocaust against the Jews because Hitler’s autobiography, Mein Kampf, has been a best-seller in Muslim nations. Many Muslims express admiration for Hitler and the Holocaust, but strangely they are not criticized and condemned in the Western media for their hatred of the Jews. This hatred is manifested in their unending campaign to use any situation, especially the Palestinian case, to condemn the Jews as “criminals” — as if Palestinian Muslims, who have illegally occupied the Promised Land, were innocent victims.

The effort to portray the victim as the aggressor and vice-versa is the soul of the Holocaust’s revisionism, very similar to the Inquisition’s revisionism. Muslims love the Holocaust’s revisionism, which diminishes the Jewish suffering and numbers of Jewish victims.

Even during Hitler’s time Muslims helped Nazis in their campaign to exterminate the Jews.

Today, Muslims use two dishonest revisionist methods to attack the Jews. They intentionally underestimate the Jewish suffering in the Holocaust and they intentionally overestimate the defensive actions of Jews to protect the State of Israel against Palestinian terrorists. This is a natural result: if Muslims admire Hitler and the Nazi atrocities against the Jews, they will support any Palestinian terrorist attack against the Jews.

Muslims do not only advocate the Holocaust’s revisionism. They also advocate the revisionism of the Genocide of Armenian Christians. They do to Christians the same thing they do to the Jews.

Yet, while many Christians fight against the Holocaust’s revisionism, few Jews fight against the revisionism of the Genocide of Armenian Christians. In fact, the Israeli government has resisted every effort to recognize the Genocide of Armenian Christians. It is time for Christians and Jews to recognize genocide against them. It is time also for Israel to recognize ISIS’s Holocaust of Christians in Syria and help Christians persecuted by ISIS.

The remembrance of the Holocaust is most important now that Europe has been invaded by hordes of Muslim immigrants who are threatening Christians and their culture and threatening the Jews and their survival, including by intentionally underestimating the Holocaust and its Jewish victims and reviving anti-Semitism.

It is time to remember the Holocaust before the next European generations, who will be significantly Muslim, forget that the Jews are a people victim of genocide.

Nevertheless, left-wing Jews think that the only threat of a repetition of the Holocaust is coming from conservative Christians. Osias Wurman, who is the honorary consul of Israel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, said,

“Today, more than ever, it is necessary to warn the world public opinion about the dangerous change of course rightward that has been ravaging Europe and some nations in the American continent. A global poll, held in 2014, found that 46% respondents had never heard about the Holocaust!”

Mr. Wurman made an impossible comparison. He sought to equalize the conservative change of political course in Europe and probably in the United States with indifference to the Holocaust. In a worse tone, he has said that this change is “dangerous,” and he talks about the need to warn the world against the change rightward that is “ravaging” Europe and probably the United States.

As far as evangelicals are concerned, conservatism, especially the U.S. conservatism, is pro-Israel and against the Holocaust, against abortion, against the Catholic revisionism of the Inquisition and against the Islamic revisionism of the Armenian Genocide. Comparing pro-Holocaust feelings with the U.S. conservative evangelicalism is nonsense. Jews would only face problems with some right-wing Catholics who have been defending the revisionism of the Inquisition, which tortured and slaughtered Jews. Sooner or later, they may also defend the revisionism of the Holocaust.

Just as Christians need be informed to remember the Holocaust, Jews also need to be informed that before the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews there was the Islamic Turkish Genocide of Armenian Christians. Regardless if Israel does not recognize such genocide against Christians, it makes no sense for the Jews to encourage nations about the importance of remembering the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews if the Jews refuse to recognize the Islamic Turkish Genocide of Armenian Christians.

Besides, there is a modern Holocaust that should be remembered by all of us who remember the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews: The Holocaust of abortion, where millions of innocent unborn babies are medically exterminated under insane laws. Even Israel has such insane laws allowing the slaughter of innocents. In fact, Israel has one of the most liberal abortion laws in the world. It makes no sense. The Jewish people, who were innocent victims in the Nazi Holocaust, should be prominent voices against the Holocaust of abortion.

On this January 27, while we remember the past suffering of millions of Jews in the Nazi Holocaust, let us remember also the present suffering of millions of innocents through legal abortion. Let us remember to fight the Holocaust of abortion, because the goal of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day is to hinder new holocausts from happening. While we are remembering the Holocaust against the Jews, babies are being tortured and murdered right now by legal abortion in the United States, in China, in Israel, in North Korea, etc.

If Holocaust is criminal, why is the Holocaust of abortion allowed to continue?

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