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Dutch Voters Come Out for Geert Wilders and an End to the Islamization of the Netherlands

Dutch Voters Come Out for Geert Wilders and an End to the Islamization of the Netherlands
The polls proved to be very wrong.
By Daniel Greenfield

Not all that long ago the media was hyping Dilan Yeşilgöz, a Turkish immigrant, as the first Turkish female prime minister of the Netherlands.

The polls however proved to be very wrong.

Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party more than doubled its number of parliamentary seats and defied the polls.

Dutch voters have once again come out for an end to the Islamization of the Netherlands. In 2017, the Freedom Party won 25 seats and a coalition was assembled to bypass Wilders. It will be more difficult to do that now that the Freedom Party has become the largest party in parliament, but never underestimate the willingness of establishment parties to ally with the Left so that they never have to deliver on their promises.

The media is already whipping up its usual hysteria. Geert Wilders is being compared to Trump even though he’s been holding the same positions and running for office for quite a long time now. But then again Javier Milei, who just won in Argentina, is being described as Trump-like. Basically, it means a boogeyman who cannot be allowed to govern.

And yet Dutch voters came out and gave the country a chance to turn around before going over the cliff.

Geert Wilders has taken on Islamization, the EU and the entire rotten system that is destroying Europe and the free world. Dutch voters were clear about what they wanted. The question is will the establishment respect the democracy that it claims to love so much or, as in America, will it kill democracy to protect democracy?

“This patriotic revolution,” Geert Wilders said in 2017, “whether today or tomorrow, will take place anyway.”

It didn’t happen in 2017. But it may happen now.

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