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Dump Netflix: Movie Mocks Jesus at Most Holy Time of Year

Dump Netflix: Movie Mocks Jesus at Most Holy Time of Year
By Tim Wildmon
AFA President

Netflix has released a “Christmas special” movie that depicts Jesus as a homosexual and the Virgin Mary as an adulteress.

The film, The First Temptation of Christ, is in Portuguese, but comes with English subtitles and is available to subscribers worldwide.

While Christians worldwide are celebrating the birth of Christ, Netflix is using the most holy time of the year to blaspheme the Savior and spit in the face of Christians everywhere.

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According to the Washington Post, the movie’s evil content goes even further. “The Netflix film tells the story of Jesus returning home from the desert for his 30th birthday, in a highly satirical format. Mary and God are portrayed as illicit lovers, Joseph is a bumbling carpenter who can’t build a table, and the Three Kings try to pass off ham as ‘free-range soy,'” it reports.

Netflix’s conscious decision to air The First Temptation of Christ is a clear and repulsive display of corporate arrogance and shows complete contempt for the faith of Christians who currently subscribe to, or could subscribe to their services.


1. I strongly urge you to sign our petition, letting Netflix know that this is the last straw and that you refuse to subscribe to their anti-Christian arrogance.

2. Cancel your subscription to Netflix. After you sign our petition, you can cancel your subscription to Netflix here.

3. Forward and share this email with all your family and friends. Urge them to take action to help stop Netflix’s brand of anti-Christian hate.

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