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Democrats Want DHS to Protect Blacks and Hispanics From “Disinformation”

Democrats Want DHS to Protect Blacks and Hispanics From “Disinformation”
Only the government can stop minorities from thinking for themselves.
By Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

The Biden administration has officially announced that its Disinformation Governance Board will be set up within the Department of Homeland Security to fight what it calls “disinformation”.

“The objective of the board is to prevent disinformation and misinformation from traveling around the country,” Psaki fashionably sneered. “I’m not sure who opposes that effort.”

The First Amendment, a dead white man named Thomas Jefferson, and two centuries of legal precedent dating until the time Hillary Clinton blamed “disinformation” for her loss.

The ‘Ministry of Truth’ announcement comes right after Biden officials had launched the Declaration for the Future of the Internet initiative to advance “the free flow of information” and signed on to a declaration that calls for “governments, authorities, and digital services including online platforms” to protect “the right to freedom of expression while encouraging diversity of opinion, and pluralism without fear of censorship, harassment, or intimidation.”

It barely took a day for the Biden administration to formally violate its own declaration by setting up a government arm tasked with censoring and discouraging a “diversity of opinion”.

Ever since Democrats mainstreamed the term while falsely claiming that the 2016 presidential election had been somehow rigged by “disinformation”, the use of it has only meant one thing and that is an effort to censor political opponents while protecting their own narratives.

The Biden administration using the Department of Homeland Security to suppress disapproved speech is a direct attack on the Bill of Rights and continues the ugly process of weaponizing federal law enforcement to target Republicans that gained prominence with Russiagate.

And like Russiagate, it’s about elections.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who has opened the border wide to a flood of illegal aliens, has emphasized that DHS will be focusing on “misinformation in Hispanic communities.” With Hispanic voters trending GOP, the Biden administration is understandably eager to suppress messages that have swayed Florida Hispanics by connecting the Democrats to socialism.

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus, a group that despite its misleading name consists entirely of Democrats, and does not include any of the 9 members of the Republican Congressional Hispanic Conference, let alone the two GOP Hispanic Senate members (but does include Rep. Andy Levin, the nephew of former Senator Carl Levin, who’s almost as Hispanic as me), pressured YouTube’s CEO to turn over information about “Hispanic misinformation”.

“Every week that goes by without adequate action by these companies places our communities at greater risk of being exposed to misinformation,” warned Sen. Bob Menendez, whose trial on bribery and corruption charges ended in a mistrial.

Why is the Hispanic Caucus so concerned about “disinformation”?

According to NBC News, “Florida International University political scientist Eduardo Gamarra said he’s been documenting a ‘causal link’ between misinformation and disinformation and how Spanish speakers have voted in recent elections, telling members of the Committee on House Administration that it has contributed to a change in voter patterns.”

Disinformation, in case you were wondering, means minorities not voting the way Dems want.

Not to be left out, Congressional Black Caucus members are worried that “misinformation” might convince black voters to stop supporting corrupt lifetime House members who don’t even live in the ghettos they claim to represent.

“Voters deserve to receive accurate information about the democratic process so their voices can be heard,” Rep. G.K. Butterfield argued.

The one thing voters deserve is the right to make up their own minds. And the goal of the disinformation campaigns is to deny voters that right by controlling what they hear.

It’s no coincidence that the Dem minority caucuses are concerned about “disinformation” around elections or that this latest push precedes the midterm elections.

“Disinformation” is really just a pretext for information domination to shape election outcomes.

Democrats define disinformation as information sources that compete with their information sources in the mainstream media and the state. Their interest in disinformation revolves around areas where people become more resistant to voting for them or following their orders.

The focus on black and Hispanic people reveals how the Democrats really see minorities.

Hispanic and black people are, we are told by the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, not terribly bright and need to be protected by the government from believing everything that they read on the internet. It does not seem to have occurred to the Democrats that quite a few of the GOP-leaning Hispanics they’re so worried about came here by escaping from socialist regimes that were worried about the same thing.

The totalitarian condescension isn’t fooling anyone.

There’s nothing quite as likely to inspire skepticism from the already skeptical than the government rolling out a Department of Homeland Security effort to suppress opposing views.

But the Biden administration isn’t really trying to reach opponents, but to isolate them.

The Disinformation Governance Board is another official layer in existing efforts by Biden and Senate Democrats to push Big Tech platforms into suppressing political dissent without triggering a successful First Amendment Supreme Court case. Every time the new DHS entity flags something as “disinformation”, Big Tech monopolies will immediately censor it. But both sides will claim that they’re acting “independently”. The Biden administration is just warning people of a threat and Big Tech platforms are just responding to a government notification.

Freedom of Speech under these conditions becomes a joke, but no one has broken any laws.

Senator Ed Markey, responded to the possibility that Elon Musk might stop censoring Twitter conservatives, by urging hearings to “understand the censorship or lack thereof.”

Senate Democrats generally don’t like using the “C” word even though censorship is exactly what they’re after. And they use a series of interlocking Big Tech monopolies to do their dirty work for them. The monopolies donate to Democrats and pick up federal contracts. As part of this lucrative financial relationship, they also silence political opponents of the Biden administration. (Saying that, of course, is likely to be flagged as “disinformation”.)

Occasionally they also help rig elections by suppressing stories about a certain laptop.

Democrats and their Big Tech allies claim that they’re just fighting “Nazis”, but anyone who has spent enough time on social media knows that the Nazis, alt-righters, groypers, and assorted fascist rich kid counterparts of the woke movement are the least censored group around.

Some even enjoy blue checkmarks on Twitter.

Censorship is occasionally a matter of blind algorithms and woke content moderators, but at a big picture strategic level, it’s about manipulating elections and political narratives. The objects of its concern are not Republicans or conservatives, but Democrats and swing voters. That’s why the Hunter Biden laptop occasioned a Code Red while Nazis freely cavorted on Twitter.

Democrats believe that disinformation is the greatest threat to those of their votes whom they have the most contempt for. That means non-college whites and black and Hispanic voters.

Their plans to fight “disinformation” are really a declaration that they intend to violate the Bill of Rights to keep minorities on the plantation…

…for their own good.

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