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Democrats and the Media: Two Heads of the Same Evil Beast

Democrats and the Media: Two Heads of the Same Evil Beast
Timothy Buchanan

While many Americans have been unwilling to admit it in the past, most are now becoming acutely aware that the mainstream so-called “news media” is nothing more than public relations office of the radical Democrat party. The 2016 presidential election was an outright rejection of the fatally-flawed tyranny, extremism and recklessness of the previous administration. It was also stunning validation that the independent American spirit is alive and strong in the greatest part of the country.

Most of us do not consider ourselves to be helpless victims of the nation’s past sins or current inequities and, therefore, we are not seeking salvation from a government program or political party. We recognize that equal opportunity cannot guarantee equal outcome and that freedom to succeed comes with the risk of temporary failure. Unlike the noisy and obnoxious left, we do not harbor hatred toward the United States or search for someone to blame for our own mistakes and poor decisions.

Today, the relationship between the Democrat party and the news media, is much like that of the Antichrist and the false prophet of Revelation. The Democrat party is devoted to immorality, sexual perversion, limiting religious liberty and freedom of speech, while promoting governmental tyranny and death of the innocent. The liberal party disguises its sinister policies by cloaking them with misnomers such as fairness, social justice, reproductive freedom, civil rights, common-sense regulation and privacy rights.

The crooked media then proliferates the DNC’s deceptions in the stories they report and those they refuse to report, by using false and misleading labeling, through intentionally bogus implication and outright lies. Phony news media no longer make any effort to conceal their attempts to deceive and distort the truth and fabricate false narratives. Often, media propagandists will even use identical words and phrases in their bogus reporting. One well-worn example is Russian election hacking.

While there is no evidence and certainly no “proof” that the Russian government was successful in any way to influence the 2016 presidential election, the fake news media continues to broadcast the false story. Charges of a Russian connection with Donald Trump’s campaign were created ex nihilo out of the bombastic unfounded accusations of Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, the same dishonest reporters harass and badger the administration for proof of President Trump’s claim that Trump Tower was under surveillance by the Obama administration. Most networks have suggested that the White House is lying.

Just last week, Sarah Carter and John Solomon of reported that the FISA court issued a warrant to conduct surveillance on Trump Tower in October, 2016. This was the third FISA petition tendered by the Obama administration to spy on Trump Tower last year. The previous two were denied.

Using failed campaign charges to undermine an administration is not a new strategy for Democrats and the media. NBC used false accusations of racism to attack President Bush in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The now-discredited NBC news anchor, Brian Williams, along with reporter Andrea Mitchell, kept the false narrative alive for weeks without a shred of evidence to support it.

Williams and Mitchell conveniently failed to mention that President Bush had pleaded with Louisiana’s Democrat Governor, Kathleen Blanco, prior to the storm’s impact, to declare a state of emergency in order to activate the National Guard as a first line of support and aid. Governor Blanco ignored the President’s plea leaving tens of thousands of people in her state without power, food or water.

NBC repeatedly interviewed New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin, in order to bolster the network’s claim of Bush racism. They perpetrated this fraud by implying that the slow FEMA response to the predominantly-black 9th Ward in New Orleans was Bush’s intention, neglecting the fact that the area was completely isolated by flooding. Nagin and his assistant rode out the storm in a hotel room, failing to evacuate the city prior to the storm and leaving dozens of unused buses underwater in the aftermath. Mayor Nagin, who later claimed he wanted to make New Orleans a “chocolate city” began serving a ten-year prison sentence for bribery and corruption in September, 2014.

The mainstream news networks have forfeited every last remnant of credibility they once enjoyed. They are not reliable sources of information. Nearly every story they report is designed to advance the same reckless, fatally-flawed and godless radical agenda. Unlike President Bush, Donald Trump has demonstrated that he will not allow the media’s incessant lies and baseless accusations against his family or his administration to go unanswered.

Christians and freedom-loving Americans have rejected the distorted, backward and anti-American worldview of Democrats and the crooked news media that portray the desire for economic success as selfishness, religious faith as ignorance or weakness, and government theft as compassion. While we have the freedom to do so, it’s crucial that we inform the ignorant and confront lies with truth at every opportunity.

Deceit is the primary weapon of man’s eternal enemy. It cannot be engaged with negotiation or compromise and cannot be tolerated. It must be defeated and destroyed with the bright light of truth.

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