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Democrats Introduce Bill to Abolish America

Democrats Introduce Bill to Abolish America
By Don Feder

Saying they’ve had it, Congressional Democrats introduced a bill to abolish America.

“We’ve tried bankrupting the country with mega-deficits. We’ve tried swamping the lifeboat with open borders. Our allies in academia, Hollywood and the news media have indoctrinated millennials in anti-Americanism. We’re trying to give America the economy of Venezuela with the Green New Deal. We’re trying to change the ground rules by abolishing the Electoral College and court-packing schemes. But the process is taking too long – like a slow-acting poison.”

“We need to be bold and lay our cards on the table:”

Said House Babbler Nancy Pelosi.

“America is hopelessly, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist and every other “ist” and “ic” you can think of – a bastion of incorrigibles and deplorables .”

“After the Muller Report, we can’t impeach the president, who appears to be headed for a second term. Our field of candidates resembles circus clowns getting out of a midget car. Justices who can read are being appointed to the Supreme Court. It’s hopeless. It’s time to call it quits.”

“In place of The United States of America, we propose the Delusional States of Bernie –One Nation under a Commie Codger, with censorship and servitude for all.”

EDITOR’S NOTE- Ever since Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published their Communist Manifesto in 1848, communism and socialism have led many delusional people to the destruction of their nations.

I need to note that someone said that the only difference between socialism and communism is that communists have guns.

That means that socialists take over a nation without armed revolution.

Instead, they use subterfuge and lies to win the favor of many gullible people who fall for their promises, not realizing that they are being led into a trap.

A former work colleague was born and raised in a communist country.

He told me that in communism and socialism there are only 2 classes of people.

One class is the ruling elite who live lives of luxury and abundance.

The other class is everyone else, who is forced to work in order to provide the abundance and luxury for the ruling elite.

He warned me to watch out for politicians here in America who push socialist policies.

He said that the people will suffer, but that the socialist leaders don’t care about the people.

Going back to Bernie Sanders, he is a socialist who has spoken many times about wealth redistribution.

Yet, he owns three homes and is worth millions, but you don’t see him sharing his wealth with those he is making promises to.

In other words, he doesn’t live by what he preaches, but like the socialist elite in other countries, he only wants to live the life to luxury and abundance at our expense.

As for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, first, she is a product of the socialist public education system.

Secondly, she has dreams and aspirations of becoming one of the socialist elite leaders, who will live a life of luxury and abundance at our expense and she doesn’t even blink an eye when pushing her socialist programs.

Please understand that just three of the socialist programs being pushed by socialist Democrats will bankrupt America, throwing the nation into economic ruin, setting up the perfect chance for a complete socialist takeover of the government and country.

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